Pinterest Corner #11 – Knotted Pony Tail


After a slightly different Pinterest Corner post last week I’m back to normal this week with a hair style pin from my Seriously Stylish Clothes and Accessories board. I often wear my hair up, but it’s quite boring to stick with a bun (my usual go-to) or a straightforward pony tail all the time, so this knotted idea definitely took my fancy when I saw it. It looks really simple and sleek and thankfully isn’t too complicated to create – phew because I am deeply uncoordinated when it comes to doing my hair (hence why I tend to stick to a ponytail or a bun). So as I’ve been meaning to recreate it for ages and ages I thought I’d give it a whirl at conference last week. It was perfect because the dress I wore was scalloped at the back and the sleeves were lace – so I didn’t want to wear my hair down as it would hide the detail.

It’s very easy to do – you pull your hair to one side. Then knot your hair three times, pulling each knot tightly and securing with a clear hair tie. Easy peasy, pudding and pie. So I’ll definitely be giving this a whirl again, although this time I’ll fluff up the ends as per the original pin and use a clear plastic tie – as I forgot to take one with me to Brighton, oopsy! So this was the perfect option!

Let me know what you think and if you give it a try!

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