Random Ponderings – Magazines, The Oscars and blog struggles

Considering my blog is called ‘Daily Ponderings’ I realise that I do very few posts where I just pondering things, every post tends to be structured around something specific and I want to rectify this asap. So this is the first of (what I hope will be) many Random Ponderings post, where I plan to share what’s bothering me, what I’m obsessing over or that funny link I found online. These posts will probably be totally dullsville for all (two) of you that read them, but I think it’ll be interesting to see how often I’m obsessing over the same things!

  • I adore every single episode on BuzzFeed’s top ten list of best West Wing episodes, although reading this has reminded me of so many other brilliant episodes. I think I’d be hard pushed to choose a top 50 list!!
  • I’m struggling to steer clear of Papermash AGAIN, oh dear. Please willpower don’t leave me – my credit card can’t take it!
  • I’m tempted to join the Clapham Sweatshop runs on Monday (5k) or Wednesday (8k). I think it’ll be good preparation for my next 10k, it’s only three months away after all…
  • I’m struggling to add an Instagram feed to my blog, why can’t I work it out. Any helpers out there who want to shed some light? I’d be eternally grateful!
  • I’ve never seen Jamie Foxx’s Oscar speech from 2005 and I’m glad I finally have, not only is he eloquent and funny, but he gets so over emotional at the end of the speech. This is so not how I imagine he would react in my mind, and I think he seems lovely.
  • I really, really, really want the latest issue of Simple Things as I love that magazine and it has a guide to Dublin in (where I’m headed very soon) but I’m trying not to spend money….
  • I’m annoyed that I didn’t get organised enough to take Fat Mum Slim up on the free Instagram book from blurb – stupid me!
  • I’ve become obsessed with Spotify recently and love listening to classic songs from my teenage years.
  • Every time I see Jennifer Lawrence or hear about something she’s done I can’t help but love her even more. I mean look at her at the Oscars and I just love how she coped with tripping, just brilliant!
  • I believe, no scratch that I know that I have the potential to become obsessed with the Mollie Makes magazine, so I’m forcing myself to ignore it and the brilliant looking website. I can’t afford – money or time wise – another obsession in my life at the moment!
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