Pinterest Corner #10 – The Ultimate Goal

This week I’ve gone on a slightly different route for Pinterest Corner. There are a number of reasons for this, firstly today I’m going away for two nights and missing two days of work for our annual sales conference, so the last few days have been absolutely manic and time has just flown. As well as work craziness I was a busy bee on both Monday and Tuesday nights, so blog posts have had to be written during my precious lunch hour, in between blog reading, tweeting and errands – which hasn’t really left time to ‘do’ any of the inspiring things I’ve seen on Pinterest recently. I know this sounds like a dreadful excuse but real life has hit, and it’s hit hard this week!

However, all is not lost as this sort of fits perfectly with what I want to chat about today! Over the weekend I was browsing through my Pinterest boards and stumbled across my Fitness board and saw something that really struck a chord with me. The pin was this:

Pinned Image

Now the reason this struck such a chord with me is because I’ve been at a bit of a plateau with my weight loss for a while. I know I wrote in my resolutions post earlier this year that I wanted to lose the remaining weight and reach my goal after a year of improving my health and dropping about three dress sizes, but things haven’t really been going to plan. I’ve been losing and gaining one or two pounds since Christmas and basically seem to have stayed the same in terms of weight for the last three months or so. This has got me ever so slightly depressed and reaching for the mini eggs – which was the problem in the first place! Yes I seem to have fallen into the ‘Why am I bothering?’ mentality, which is not great.

But when I stopped and looked at this image and really thought about what it was saying I had a mini brain wave and realised that actually it’s not about losing weight it’s about being fit and healthy. Something that I can’t honestly say was the case a year ago, but that has changed since I started my new way of thinking. And this has continued over the last few months even if the weight loss hasn’t followed the same track. How do I know this? Well this time last year I almost died (slight exaggeration) when I had to run for 30 seconds – yes seriously. If it wasn’t so serious it would actually have been laughable! At the weekend I completed a 10k. Not only that but I ran/walked it in only 26 minutes more than the 5k that I ran in May – a full 15 minutes faster that I anticipated. That to me shows that I am heading in the right direction. I may not be losing the weight I wanted or looking how I dream in my mind’s eye – although how many people do I wonder?! – but I am improving my fitness every day. And that at the end of the day is the important thing – that’s the thing that’s going to make me more energetic. Make me able to do more. And make me a happier person. It’s not about the clothes I can fit into. It’s about the fact that I ran 10k and can’t wait until May when I can beat that time.

So yes, sorry for the rambling post, but this seemed like an appropriate topic for today. A moment to stop and think:  I have achieved something and to reassess what is actually important.  Have you faced any similar issues in the past where you’ve had to stop and take stock to remind yourself that you’re doing okay? Please tell me I’m not the only one?!

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