Starshop #5 – Typo

Over the weekend while I was having sofa time with mini eggs and window shopping I stumbled upon the Typo website and I remembered how much I loved this shop when I discovered it on my travels last year! It’s part of the Cotton On chain of shops in Australia and I must have visited the outlet in Darling Harbour about 5 times when I was there last April. I couldn’t help it as everything in the shop is unbelievably cute and nice and just totally me! I had to be fairly restrained when I was in Oz last year because of a limited amount of baggage, which my credit card company were probably quite pleased about as I could have bought everything in there quite easily! So anyway below are my current favourites from this brilliant shop – enjoy having a peruse. I’m not sure what shipping costs are like, but to be honest I don’t think I can handle looking – what if it’s cheaper that I anticipate? No way I can’t look, I’m going have to tell  myself it’s super expensive which is why I mustn’t buy any of the lovely products!

Satchel – Book Ends – Wrapping Paper – Chalkboard Frame – Hello Cushion – Manilla Folders – Initial Mug – Notebook – Bird File Organiser – Stamps  – Paris Labels – Whale Canvas

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  1. OMG I’m so glad I read this…heading there now!


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