A lovely quiet week (sort of)

Last week was lovely and quiet and I’m glad because I really needed some downtime! In no particular order here’s what I got up to:

  • A trip to The National Theatre (yes again!) to see Hymn, a half hour performance of music and readings – really very good!
  • A good hour or so in Starbucks with old issues of The Simple Things magazine and a mocha
  • Discovering Easter French Fancies in Sainsbury’s and somehow not buying them – go me!
  • My 10 k run in Richmond, featuring snowflakes, bitter temperatures,  deer and a much better time than I anticipated
  • Discovering a lovely restaurant round the corner from my flat that does the most amazing food and has a hidden wall of bookshelves
  • Spending the day with old work colleagues and their gorgeous little kids
  • Finally watching Sleeping Beauty for the first time in about 20 years – gosh it looks sooooo dated!
  • A day trip out of London to see the sea
  • A marathon of Suits – hilarious
  • Discovering the Etsy app and buying an iPhone case, oops!
  • Dominos pizza
  • Lots of leisurely walks
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