Weekend Wishlist

It’s so cold at the moment that today it seemed logical to abandon plans for The British Museum and instead do nothing. Nothing that is but sit bundled up on the sofa, scoffing mini eggs whilst I perused various online shops and daydreamed about what I’d spend my lottery winnings on if it’s ever more that £10 – oh please let it happen sometime soon. So after a very productive day spent window shopping from the comfort of my flat I’ve found a whole host of items I am just itching to purchase. But I’m ignoring this urge and instead I’m just going to sit here staring at the lovely things as I treat myself to another mini egg or three. Scoffing two bags in one weekend isn’t that obscene is it?!

1 2345678 9

It appears from the above that I’m having a bit of a lace dress obsession and another one with blue bird themed jumpers – who’d have thought it!! The black beanie is certainly necessary with the cold weather at the moment and I’ve wanted that Country Road bag for about 10 years, but at £40 I don’t think it’s justifiable as it’s not essential for my existence! The cushion is on my list, even though it goes with nothing in my flat because it has cute neon pom poms on it – do I need any further reason?! – and finally I’ve never been able to say no to a pair of cowboy boots, hence the fact I already own a pair, but these have gold studs, gold studs I tell you – AMAZING! With these boots I can kid myself that I’m in Nashville or married to Dennis Quaid in Vegas – yes you’re right I am obsessed with every show currently airing on Sky Atlantic!!

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  1. Snow ,today,here! Same thoughts as yours except for mini eggs ……( I’ve never heard about them….,sorry!). All your list=approved!


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