Getting my craft on!

A friend of mine recently shared this cute image of crochet elephants on Facebook and I immediately fell in love. I mean they are just adorable aren’t they? As well as being in absolute awe at their cuteness these mini elephants stirred slight feelings of inadequacy in me. This inadequacy stems not from my inability to make these cute creatures, but rather that there’s been a total lack of anything crafty in my life for about six months. I used to love knitting and have made monkeys, scarves and pigs in the past, yet I currently have a half started creation at home that I haven’t touched since way before Christmas. It’s been so long that I can’t even remember what creature it was going to be, potentially it was going to morph into a bunny rabbit, but alas it currently looks like a few stitches of blue wool.

I’m not sure why I’ve lost my crafting mojo but seeing this cute pic has inspired me to get back on the crafting wagon, as having looked back at my Crafty Bits and Bobs board on Pinterest there’s lots of stuff I want to get making. I mean look at those cute mouse baby shoes, that bow scarf and that bobble jumper – all must makes I think for this year. I also want to attempt to learn to crotchet, now I don’t imagine I’ll end up with anything as awesome as these elephants, but it would be good to make something, even if it’s just crotchet hearts or maybe the holly leaves below.


So as part of this desire to get back into my crafty stuff I’ve been having a bit of a peruse online at different craft books to inspire me! The result? I now want to purchase loads of books, they all look and sound so inspiring that I can’t help it. Below are some of my favourite ones, and I’m going to have to guard my credit card well if I don’t want to have money issues this month! Yes granted they aren’t all crafty ones, there are a few food related books in here, but I think they all fall under the title of Inspiring Books. Are there any really inspiring crafty books that you’d recommend, I’m all ears!

Sewing Made SimpleYou are Awesome Bake it in a Cupcake

Let’s Preserve ItMini AmigurumiQueen of Crafts

Cute Little Animals CraftDecorate Workshop

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