Pinterest Corner #9 – Dollops of Spinach Mac ‘n’ Cheese

I pinned these scrumptious looking spinach mac ‘n’ cheese dollops in my very early days on Pinterest as they sounded like a really simple way of making pasta a bit more interesting. Once I pinned the recipe I promptly forgot about them as you do on Pinterest and I would probably never have made them if it wasn’t for last weeks Disney Marathon. My desire to make something savoury and simple, yet interesting (not an easy combo to be honest!) for that night meant I rested all my hopes on my Savoury Yumminess board which is full of yummy looking delights, and voila these were rediscovered. What’s great about them is you will have all the ingredients in the cupboard (except perhaps the Gruyère) and they literally take no time at all.

All you do is make a cheese sauce (flour, butter, milk, mature cheddar cheese and Gruyère)
Cook your macaroni
Mix the macaroni, the sauce and the spinach in a bowl and dollop into your cake cases
Easy peasy!

The recipe I found from Emily Bites  suggested that you should add egg to the sauce to help the dollops* of mixture bind, but I found that unnecessary as they stayed together fine. But it’s obviously entirely up to you! I cooked about 500g of macaroni and made about 14 mini mac ‘n’ cheeses.

What I loved most about these (apart from the taste) is that you put the mixture in cake cases rather than a big serving dish, I never would have thought of this. It made it so easy to eat them whilst watching Cinderella and it’s also perfect for taking to work for lunch. I wonder what other things you could make in these little cases for a lunchtime delight, mini pies or mini lasagnas perhaps. I may have to investigate a few other options!

*How brilliant a word is dollops? I should use this word more often in everyday life!

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