Fun time lately

This week has been a fantastic week, it has flown by and it’s been absolutely loads of fun! It started with me having great intentions of snacking on healthy things rather than the usual collection of chocolatey goods. With this idea in mind I took all sorts of healthy snacks with me to work on Monday including  grapes, a banana and Graze boxes, sadly I failed to ignore the pull of the chocolate and I still have one Graze box on my desk, oops! Oh well, maybe this coming week then? On Monday night I watched Shrek with work friends and I still can’t decide what I thought about it. I have mixed feelings about it – I fear it was perhaps a bit too pantomimey, although I did enjoy the song at the end and all the nursery rhyme characters! The penny sweets from Hope and Greenwood were a revelation though – you can’t beat fried eggs and pink mushrooms can you!?

The Big Egg Hunt Launched on Tuesday and I headed to Covent Garden to see all the lovely eggs, this National Rail egg is my favourite one I think. Aren’t the colours wonderful and the papercut of the London skyline is just lovely and delicate, so not what I expected from the National Rail at all, but well done them! Tuesday night was full of pancakes, we made a tower of about 15 and had lots of scrumptious toppings, I have to say mini marshmallows on a pancake is certainly a revelation. I will definitely be a lot more pancakes with that topping in the future! I also got a bit carried away with Vine when I was making pancakes, it was sooooo much fun. Feel free to follow me on Vine if you’ve started to use it, I’m Fi Evans on there.

On Friday I headed to Peppa Pig World for a work meeting and it was such an amazing place! I wish I was a 4-year-old all over again so I could have felt the excitement that kids do when visiting it. It’s truly so much fun. We had a tour of the park and even got to go on the Dinosaur Ride – AMAZING!!! On Friday night there was a Disney Marathon with friends, where we watched Cinderella, Mulan and Beauty and the Beast and ate Disney inspired food. We had Ursula mac ‘n’ cheese parcels, Ratatouille inspired quiche, pesto pastries, princess cupcakes, princess popcorn and Minnie Mouse Cupcakes. The food was totally delicious and the films as wonderful as I remember. I do feel sad for our neighbours though as there was some interesting noises when we were singing – and I use the term singing in the loosest sense!

Saturday was a totally relaxed day with a little bit of pootling round the shops (I returned with no shopping bags though, hooray!), a trip to the cinema to watch Beautiful Creatures and a lot of slobbing on the sofa – perfect! Sunday in comparison was full on! It started with a 9am run along the river from The National to Southwark Bridge, then all the way to Westminster and then back to The National Theatre. It was 3.75 miles in total, in just over 40 minutes, so I think this bodes well for next weeks 10k. It was lovely to be out in London so early and see the city at it’s best, it really is so beautiful! Plus I also saw the Dalek Invasion on Westminster Bridge – very random! After an early morning run it was back to the flat for Lau and I as where we cooked our first ever roast dinner for a friend. It was a little bit stressful at times getting everything cooked at once, but it was definitely a huge success. It was simply delicious, the chicken was perfectly cooked and really moist and the potatoes were wonderfully crispy – I’m so impressed with myself. Thanks are due to the BBC Good Food site though as we did have to turn to this recipe and this one too to get it all done! The lovely roast was followed by a classic film, Three Men and a Little Lady, which I haven’t watched for years and absolutely adore. It’s just so brilliant, I think I’ve watched it about 150 times in my life, yet it still gets me at all the same points – Ted Danson’s vicar reveal, the liver mousse, the ingenious rap, playing hide-and-seek game with the butler and of course the cringe-making Fiona Shaw when she’s coming on to the wonderful Tom Selleck. Gosh I love that film. The Perfect Sunday was rounded off by snoozes on the sofa, finishing Insurgent, blogging and TV watching – win!

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  1. How have I only noticed you now? Adore your blog. Pics are gorgeous, well done! x


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