Pinterest Corner #8 – Skinny belts and cardigans

I’ve become a little obsessed with skinny belts recently, case in point when in Sheffield I purchased three from one shop! I’m not sure why this obsession has happened but I’ve realised I have so many outfits that a skinny belt goes perfectly with, so I’m embracing it as part of my new year, new resolutions activity. One thing I’d never considered, at least not before Pinterest entered my life, is that including the cardigan inside the belt is a great idea. In the past I’d always put th belt under the cardigan but in reality that’s undoing the good work of the belt which is there to draw your eye towards the thinnest part of you. So yes a cardigan over a belt negates the belt!

It wasn’t until I saw the picture that’s below on the left on Pinterest that I realised this and since then I’ve been thinking about adopting a similar look. Well last week I did it, I adopted the skinny belt and cardigan look and what’s more I did it not once, but twice! Go me! The first time was with a black skater dress, grey cardi and brown plaited belt, which I didn’t take a picture of. The second way was on Sunday when I went shopping at Westfield and it’s the outfit below, again featuring my plaited brown belt (one of my £1.99 sale purchases in H&M in Sheffield). I absolutely love this outfit as it was a totally new way of wearing this cardigan, which usually is just unbuttoned. Plus I’ve barely worn this dress as it tends to ride up and wrinkle on the top half, which then looks stupid. But by wearing this cardigan and belt combo the issue is resolved. I think this is definitely an idea that I will do again and again, it looks so nice, so why not. Plus it was really simple to achieve as I had everything I needed, I just needed to put things together in a different way to how I normally would.

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  1. I like your dress! Where’s it from?

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