Baking, quirky pubs and a big sort out

Last week was strangely knackering, even though it seemed like I didn’t do much. So the weekend was pretty much a write off, hence why I’m only now getting round to writing this post, oops!! So what have I been up to? Well here’s a mini run down:

Monday – a very leisurely start to the week after the late night Super Bowl shenanigans. We made our way back to London Town laden down with lots of homemade goodies – lasagna, brownies and left over popcorn – win! After an afternoon that didn’t involve a run (oops) it was off to a brand new pub, well at least to me, for a pub quiz. The pub itself was awesome – check out the decorations below, I could have stayed in my little armchair by the fire all week! -, my scampi and chips was delicious and we didn’t do too badly on the pub quiz either. Plus we won a prize for best team name, go us!

Tuesday – Back to work I went, but cheerily I had Prezzo and Spamalot to look forward to that evening. Hooray! Spamalot was amazing and absolutely hilarious and excitingly our seats got upgraded, so seats in the circle – right in the middle – for just £10 – WIN! If you’ve not seen Spamalot yet do, it’s hilarious and the singing is amazing and it includes all your favourite Monty Python moments – clip-clop, ‘it’s just a flesh wound’, etc.


The joys of midday train travel

Wednesday – I had the afternoon off on Wednesday to go to a funeral which whilst sad was also really heart-warming at the same time. The service was absolutely packed and everyone did such a good job speaking and sharing their memories. Plus, it was lovely to catch up with old family friends and chat to everyone (and eat delicious lemon cake).

Thursday – Back to work armed with a Starbucks – interesting spelling of my name – to be greeted by this cute note as a thank you from a work colleague. This purple frog is just awesome, and check out his bow-tie! I also had to take a pic of Thursday’s Pixar calendar image – a snowman with a drill, amazing!

Friday – A day of getting work done followed by a night on the sofa and falling asleep by 11, I bet you’re jealous of my supreme coolness!

Saturday – I had no impetus to do anything on Saturday but I eventually dragged myself out of bed for a run. Sadly it was raining so that knocked my desire for a long run onthe head, so 2.5 miles it was. Not to be sniffed at but not great considering the 10k is next week – argh! The rest of Saturday involved a trip to Sainsbury’s for baking ingredients and of course mini eggs where I fell in love with these ice cream plates, too bad it’s not the summer so I can justify buying them, and I was tempted by a pancake pan. Until I realised I have two frying pans that will work just as well!! Of course any walk to Clapham High Street must involve a trip to Starbucks – where they got my name right, result! Then back home for a mammoth clear out – check out the piles for charity, ebay and bin and all the leftover hangers – then the sofa for Suits, pringles and Nando’s Perinaise – the perfect Saturday night.

Sunday – For some stupid reason we decided Westfield Stratford would be a good idea for a Sunday morning, yes we are stupid! But it was worth it all for the view of Battersea Power Station from the train station, the hot chipotle chicken wrap from Tossed and my new purchases. God I love Forever 21. Sunday was also the day of making more granola, mini egg blondies and watching the BAFTA’s (how much do you love George Clooney, Ben Affleck and Anne Hathaway). Phew, what a brilliant week!

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  1. What pub did you go to for the quiz?? Looks really lovely x

    • It was the Hurlingham Pub, just north of the river from the big Wandsworth Roundabout. Definitely worth a trip! xx


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