Resolution Recap

With 2013 now well under way I thought it was high time I had a look at how well my New Year resolutions are going as I’ve not really thought about them recently. I fear this doesn’t bode well so it makes sense to have a look at them and work out if I need to focus more on any of them or if I can actually give myself a BIG pat on the back – here’s hoping it’s the latter!

Lose those last few pounds – Hhm, well this resolution hasn’t gone that well to be honest. Yes I’ve lost two pounds since the start of the year, which I know is nothing to be sniffed at. But to be honest I feel like I’ve let myself down and could have done better. I’ve definitely been slack on exercise during the week and especially bad when it’s come to snacking. So while I don’t want to be disappointed by losing two pounds, as at least I haven’t gained any, I can’t help but be. Hopefully the next few weeks will be better and I’ll get closer to reaching this goal!

Mix up my outfits – This is one resolution that I’ve managed to keep, hooray! And in fact I’ve really enjoyed choosing different accessories, outfits and shoes and I’ve found loads of new outfits and combinations that I would never even have considered in the past. Things like my mint necklace with a purple jumper or maroon dress and mustard cardigan outfit or this stripey/neon combo!

Eat more fruit and vegetables – Well this started well, with me eating bananas and apples every day. But to be honest I can’t think of one moment last week when I ate a piece of fruit or a vegetable apart from in a bowl of soup, oops! I most definitely must try harder on this one.

Visit more places in London – I’ve definitely been doing this, hooray!! So far this year I’ve been to the National Gallery, the Serpentine, walked down the Mall, been to Green Park, spent more time around Clapham and Wandsworth and of course visited the National Theatre! There are still loads of places on my list but I think that’s a good start for the first six weeks!


Familiarise myself with more of the classics – Well this has been a resolution with mixed results. While I have watched two of the classic films on my list – Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Casablanca – the classic books haven’t faired so well. I’ve read zero books that you’d consider to be classics, oops. I’m not sure what’s happened here to be honest. Clearly this one needs work, what a shame that YA and dystopian books aren’t yet considered classics!

So yes a mixed bag really for my resolutions, I’d say I’ve been really successful on two and a half of them and rubbish at two and a half of them. So I suppose the results could have been far worse! Now I just need to try harder over the coming months so that on my next resolution recap I can say ‘Yep I’ve nailed all five of these resolutions, go me!‘.

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