Things I wish I owned….

I’m trying to be good at the moment and not spend money on things I don’t need – eek this has been far harder than I anticipated! As a result of this forced goodness with money there are loads of things that I want to buy! I think I will probably treat myself after payday (hurry up Feb 15th!) if I have any of my tiny budget left, but for now I’m not buying anything that isn’t allowed! So with than in mind, I thought I’d share the products I’m lusting after. Is anyone else doing a self-prescribed budget blitz and being more sensible? Are you finding yourself more tempted than ever before, or is that just me?

mansell 9780230763012First up are the books: The House of Memories and Don’t Want to Miss a Thing. I love all the books by Jill Mansell and Monica McInerney and I’d normally pre-order them but I havenot’s ordered either of these yet! But I literally can’t wait to get my hands on these new books, both books sound like just my sort of thing and also sound like easy reads – something that’s necessary at the moment as work is crazy and I feel like I have no spare brain cells for concentrating too hard! I do still have about 50 books to be read on my bookshelf, so I really mustn’t buy these yet, never mind the self-imposed budgeting. I MUST stay strong!

bunniesAnother thing on my current wishlist is this super cute pair of bunny rabbits. Aren’t they just loveable? Plus, and this is the key thing, they are practical too – so therefore not a waste of money – their ears hold rings. Amazing! I’d do and give an awful lot to own this Bunny Ring Holder. Oh, a girl can dream I suppose!

One thing to know about me is that I’m actually not a big fan of cats and hate the idea of owning one; they really freak me out and I’m generally not good around them. So you might be surprised that I’m over-excited about these cat items but I can’t help it. Cats on a jumper, jewelry or house bits-and-bobs is another story entirely – they are usually the cutest things ever! This cat mug for example is AMAZING, I need it in my life! LOOK, a mug featuring a cat who’s wearing glasses and a bow! Is there anything more adorable?! I think not. I bet my skinny mocha would taste so much better out of this! LOVE! As for this cat ring from ASOS, cuteness personified, or should that be ringified, either way I want it! Just adorably, amazingly, wonderfully cute!

Over the weekend I was in Marks and Spencers and fell in love with an item that would fit perfectly in my wardrobe – these shoes. Aren’t they just adorable? I totally love the pattern and the height of the heel and I can imagine about ten different outfits I could wear them with. What’s also good is that I don’t have anything even remotely like these in my wardrobe, so perhaps I’m allowed to buy them?


I’m always on the look out for new belts as I wear quite a lot of skater dresses and a bright belt always pulls the outfit together. I love this bright red one, as I love a flash of red, plus the cut-out detail is lovely too. Oh if only I could allow myself to purchase this, but sadly I think £15 is a bit too steep for just a belt. But if it goes into the sale (or I win the lottery) then I’ll be all over it!!

red dressI popped into Joy on Monday as I had a day off and stupidly tried on this glorious red dress, thinking it would be ideal for my sales conference in a few weeks. Turns out it’s even more amazing on than I thought it would be and I’m now having a dilemma! In so many ways it’s perfect: the colour is super gorgeous, the neck is unusual (and most importantly, flattering), I love the buttons up the back, the skirt swishes wonderfully, it generally fits like a glove, it makes me feel super-confident and it’s very reasonably priced. The only problem is that the zip doesn’t do up very well. Now don’t missunderstand me it’s not that it needs to be the next size up as it reaches comfortably, it’s just the zip itself which is really sticky and won’t do up. So annoying as this would be perfect! I’m now trying to decide if it’s worth buying or not and whether I can make the zip co-operate by playing around with it, we shall see….

KS shoesHave you ever had that moment where you see something and fall head over heels and completely in love with it and know that you won’t rest until you own it? Well that happened to me when I saw these Kate Spade shoes, aren’t they just glorious? They have sparkles, stripes and a bow all on one shoe – amazing – I literally can’t believe they exist. I also can’t believe that they are $228, which is £145 in real money, eek! I mean seriously who can afford to spend that much on a pair of shoes for crying out loud. Not me that’s for sure. Argh, I hate my life, why can’t I own them?! Imagine how perfect they would look with these lovely bright pink jeans? Perfect outfit or what?

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