I Hate Valentine’s Day (but love the products…)

The good thing about not having a boyfriend is that I don’t have to get caught up in the craziness that is Valentine’s Day, which to be honest is a day that I really don’t ‘get’. It seems crazy that a day that is clearly just a marketing tool should become such a big moment in the calendar. Surely you should make that special person feel great everyday of the year, rather than on the day that a card company ordains that you should. I did warn you I wasn’t a fan! However I have fallen in love with a lot of the products that are deemed Valentine’s Day worthy – what can I say I’m a fan of all things pink, red and heart patterned, plus I love a good line of copy – really it was inevitable! So whilst I won’t be celebrating Valentine’s Day next week, I have pulled together some things below which I would buy (or would want bought for me) if I were to celebrate!

‘XO’ necklace – how cute is this. I love the simplicity and slightly worn look to it.

‘LOVE’ paper boxes and red heart tape – I’m a complete sucker for wrapping paraphenalia in all forms, so it was a given that I’d find some Valentine’s Day stuff to fall in love with! It helps that both of these items are 100% adorable. They are so cute that I’m actually tempted to get them even though I won’t use them on Valentine’s Day – they’d work just as well for a sibling or friends present. Well I think they would anyway.

Cookie Cutter Stamp – I’ve wanted one of these for the longest time, but no one’s taken the hint yet. Who knows, maybe they will now! I’m sure they would make my yummy biscuits and cookies taste even better.

‘You are my Cup of Tea’ mug – You can’t go wrong with a cool mug, and this one’s lovely. I love the sentiment, pattern and the colour. It’s wrong to buy it for myself isn’t it?

Heart Fairy Lights – Fairy lights make everything better and these are a gorgeous set – perfect on a plain wall or to improve my bookshelves!

The perfect card – This card made me laugh-out-loud, it’s hilarious and the perfect non-schmalzy card for anyone who, like me, has a problem with Valentine’s Day.

Love for shopping


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  1. What about a year’s supply of tea(direct from Ceylon region!!) for that mug? And a box of handmade embroidered napkins(your name on them) to get you through that awful day: the slobbering participants do leave me somewhat tearful as well. Be good.


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