Work, running and cinema fun!

This week I’ve been crazy busy with work stuff, so busy in fact that I failed to take a single photo that wasn’t for my January photo challenge until Friday. How ridiculous is that?! Anyway as I’m sure you’ve guessed this weekend could not have come faster after lots of work, an early morning DVD workout and a fair amount of catching up with friends – yes I did watch Brave for the second time in less than a month, your point is?! Yes that’s been my week!

Thankfully the weekend was far, far superior than my slow work-filled week as it involved lots of fun things! Firs up was a Friday night trip to the National Theatre to see Alan Bennett’s new play People, which was absolutely spectacular. It really was wonderful and not just because they sang Sandie Shaw songs! We also had dinner at the Mezzanine restaurant in the National where the food was truly scrumptious. I had a delicious pork and duck terrine and mushroom Wellington, which was then followed by a Tiramisu during the interval of People.

Saturday started nice and slowly with a very lazy morning of eating Easter chocolate and reading before a hop, skip and a jump round the shops. Hello new shoes, jumper and leggings! Next up was a 10k run near my parents’ house, so queue gorgeous vistas and lots of mud, bogs and almost falls! Totally worth it though – 10k, hooray!!! Although I may have to reconsider letting my Dad choose the route in future – look what his route did to my nice trainers!
In the evening I finally watched Lincoln at the cinema, I feel like I’ve been waiting a lifetime for this film to be out. Thankfully I was not disappointed at all, it was superb. Both Daniel Day-Lewis and Sally Field were absolutely amazing, as was Tommy Lee Jones who I don’t think has been lauded enough for his portrayal of Thaddeus Stevens. It was amazing that they managed to make the film seem like it featured Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln in person rather than actors. There were two scenes that really stood out for me; the first was with Lincoln and his eldest son, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt which was perfectly done and you could see they totally understood one another even if they weren’t in agreement at all! The second scene was between the President and First Lady and involved an argument that was both heart-breaking and tender all at once. Truly brilliant

Sunday was all about the Super Bowl! After a morning of mooching around the shops and work – yes on a weekend, urgh! – I started on preparing the Super Bowl snacks of chocolate brownies and a popcorn concoction. Don’t they look delicious? Sadly I didn’t make it through the entire match – damn the silly power cut, although wasn’t it absolutely hilarious?! – but I did make it until about 3 in the morning, which I don’t think was that bad going considering I’d been up since 8am on Sunday!

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