Pinterest corner #6 – Granola

I’ve been searching for the perfect granola recipe for a while now. It’s my go-to breakfast every weekday and there’s nothing better (except maybe ice-cold milk and Crunchy Nuts) to get me through a morning. However my favourite Sainsbury’s granola is fairly expensive at about £4 a bag, so I thought it would be great to be able to make my own version. The problem is that for a long while I failed to find a recipe that a) was cheaper than £4 to make and b) didn’t include food items I can’t stand.

So when a few weeks ago a fellow blogger (the brilliant Miss Thrifty) shared her recipe for Honey Nut Granola I just had to pin it to my Pinterest boards as I’d finally found the perfect recipe. It sounded super-easy to make, looked scrumptious and didn’t include any items that I normally balk at – result! Anyway, it’s now two weeks later and I’ve already made this granola twice – yes it’s that good! So I think you’ll agree its high time this life-changing Granola made an appearance on Pinterest Corner.

Miss Thrifty’s original recipe can be found here and the only thing I changed was the addition of cranberries as I had some left over from some homemade Cranberry, Chocolate and Hazelnut biscuits I’d made the week before. I honestly can’t recommend the recipe enough, it’s so scrumptious and is just as good with milk or yoghurt. The second time I made it I added raisins and some hazelnuts which were equally delicious. So I’d definitely recommend playing around with the items you add in.


The finished scrummy granola

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  1. Oh, yum – those additions sound delicious! So pleased the recipe works well for you. I can’t believe how expensive granola is in the shops, when it’s so cheap & easy to make at home. x

    • Glad you like the sound of the additions – they certainly we’re scrumptious. Agreed it’s so expensive, so I’m very glad you shared your recipe. I think it’s one of those things I’ll be making every week now! xx

  1. Granola | cook bake and eat

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