The mid-week slump

It’s happened, I’ve hit the mid-week slump. Someone send help, preferably in the form of 500g of peanut m&m’s and a vat of Starbucks skinny mochas. The only way to get through today has been to focus on the things that are coming soon that I’m super excited about. So I’m sharing in case you’ve also got a case of the mid-week blues.

simple thingsThe Simple Things Magazine subscription – I’ve decided I need to subscribe to this magazine as I’m totally in love with the issues I have (4, 5 &6). Sadly I can’t justify the expense this month. But once I’ve been paid in two weeks I’ll be all over the iTunes subscription – I can’t wait!

Suits – This was recommended to me by my sister and having watched the first few episodes of series two I am obsessed, it’s hilarious and brilliant all in one! I love it so much after two episodes that I’ve now purchased the boxset of series one (only £7.50 on Amazon – bargain!). So I can’t wait to get stuck in to the new series soon, I just need a spare day as I fear I won’t want to stop watching!

Jodi Picoult’s new bookThe Storyteller is out in the UK in just 55 days and I can barely wait! I love all of Jodi’s books as they are brilliantly written stories with such intriguing characters and concepts. Her latest novel is about a woman who finds out that her new friend was a guard in a Nazi concentration camp during the war and she herself has ancestors who were affected. Certainly thought-provoking stuff and I really hope it’s as brilliant as my all time favourite Jodi Picoult novel – Nineteen Minutes.

browniesBaking – Baking relatively healthy chocolate brownies to be precise and yes you did read that right! I saw this recipe yesterday for chocolate brownies which are made with butternut squash – yes really – and now I can’t wait to make them! They sound like they will be wonderfully gooey and chocolatey, and at only 123 calories a pop they appear almost too good to be true. So really I must test them out, it’s my duty to spread the word about healthier brownie recipes, right? Plus they’ll be perfect snackage for Sunday Night’s Superbowl viewing.

Nashville – I saw the advert for this last night (YouTube trailer here) and it looks so good! It’s an American TV series that entails singing, bitching and some brilliant actresses so I know I’ll absolutely love it. Bring on February!

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