Nights of culture in London Town

Rather than detailing my entire week in this blog post, as per usual, I thought I’d just share the main things I’ve been up to this week as let’s be honest you don’t need to know about what I’ve eaten or the monotony of my working week do you?! Well if you do, let’s just say I’ve eaten lots of yummy things – I’ve rediscovered jacket potato, cheese and beans, been tucking into left-over panettone and treated myself to m&m’s from the mecca that is m&m world! – and work has been monotonous, with splashes of excitement and good news. So let’s be honest it could be a whole lot worse than it was! The main story to tell is that I’ve had a wonderfully cultured week. I’m not sure why this week has been so full of London culture, but it has and I’ve loved every minute of it!! So what form has this cultured week taken I hear you ask….

20130127-181345.jpgWicked – The first of my many planned theatre trips (as mentioned here) happened this week, when I treated some friends to Wicked for an early birthday treat. We managed to get relatively cheap tickets considering we were seated in the middle of the stalls, with the best view there is – honestly I don’t think we could have asked for a better one. Now I’ve seen the show a couple of times so I knew all the songs and what to expect, but even so the show was more amazing than I remembered and the actors had the most unbelievable voices. It was truly sensational. What was also great was that I’d forgotten so much of what happens so I was properly curious and anticipating what was about to happen – I mean I couldn’t even remember where the Tin Man comes into the story – yes honestly! As per usual I was blown away by my favourite songs Defying Gravity and For Good and I also found myself laughing uproariously at Glinda during Popular. The actress was just hilarious and played that part so well! What a great start to the week, how can anyone not love Wicked?!


The view over Trafalgar Square and Nelson’s Column from The National Gallery

Friday night culture – On Friday I found myself on the steps of The National Gallery waiting for friends. Now I have an admission to make, despite being born and bought up just 50 minutes from London AND living in London for the past three years AND the fact that I work on The Strand, (just two minutes from The National Gallery), I’ve never actually been to The National Gallery. Yes really, I’m honestly quite ashamed. Don’t get me wrong it’s not that I haven’t wanted to or that I’m a total philistine when it comes to culture; case in point: I love the V&A, have been to the National Portrait Gallery multiple times and totally love the Natural History Museum. Quite simply I’ve just never gotten round to visiting The National Gallery. So I was very excited to finally make it there on Friday and I wasn’t disappointed. We only did the more modern rooms, but the paintings we saw were amazing and there was something special about seeing images you’re so familiar with in a big grand gallery like this, where you can see all the brush strokes and the contours of the paint. I think my favourite paintings were Monet’s beautiful ‘Water-Lilies, setting Sun’ and ‘The Japanese’ Bridge’, Rousseau’s ‘Surprised!’ and Van Gogh’s ‘A Wheatfield, with Cypresses’. Strangely I was quite underwhelmed by Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’, I’m not sure why but I think I expected the colours to be more vibrant that they were.

20130127-181434.jpgLondon walks – Something I’ve not done enough of since making my home in London Town is to walk through the parks. So this weekend after a late lunch at The Serpentine Bar and Kitchen – which is becoming a bit of a favourite place! – I walked through Hyde Park, into Green Park and St James’ before heading to the Mall and along Whitehall across to Waterloo. It was such a lovely stroll, and actually it’s not that far at all, maybe 2 miles or so. It was so lovely just to wander along past some unbelievably gorgeous and historic sites, including Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park Corner, Wellington Arch, Clarence House and Nelson himself. It’s during (and after) walks like yesterday’s that I realise how truly lucky I am to life in such a brilliant city; and one that is steeped in such awesome history. I really must make more of it over the coming year.

TV, TV and more TV! – So just as you thought I was becoming amazingly cultured and active I thought I’d put you straight and mention all the brilliant TV I’ve been watching recently. This week has been relatively quite of an evening so there have been some epic TV nights occurring. Some of the highlights have been James Purefoy and Kevin Bacon in The Following (AMAZING), The Great British Bake Off Comic Relief Special (hilarious and mouth-watering), Miranda (how laugh-out-loud funny was this weeks episode), A Walk to Remember (one of my all-time favourite films that I hadn’t seen for AGES!) and finally Arrow, which is finally back on TV – love it! So yes never fear even after all this culture my TV habits haven’t changed!

And to finish, below are three of my favourite photos from this week that I just had to share! I hope you’ve enjoyed this semi-cultural post and I can’t wait to hear what you’ve been up to this week, culture or crap TV?!

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  1. I feel you on the Friday Museum experience. Lived in Frankfurt 8yrs and got to a Museum only once – a capital crime. As you say though, you are very lucky indeed, to live in that city. But the best thing is, it snowed it London. Loads. That’s fantastic.


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