Lots of theatre trips, Tim Tams and Pixar love

Things making me smile this week include:


1) My new Pixar desk calendar – My mornings are particularly smiley at the moment thanks to the brilliant images I find on my desk calendar every day. It’s so good to have it on my desk, as no matter how stressed I am throughout the day it always serves to make me smile by reminding me about the important things in life: the genius of Pixar, the classic moments Pixar have brought us and the universal truth that the monsters under our beds are more scared of us than we are of them!

2) Tim Tams – I don’t think I can explain my absolute adoration for these gorgeous chocolatey biscuits. I love them so much that I could easily chomp my way through an entire pack in one half hour sitting, hence the fact that I don’t allow myself to purchase them in Tesco’s ever. But thankfully my cousin recently sent us a packet of them (a very late Christmas present) and I spent Sunday afternoon scoffing them all – my entire month was made in that one lovely gesture and afternoon!

20130121-143543.jpg3) The Simple Things magazine – I got my first issue of this wonderful magazine over Christmas courtesy of Santa (isn’t he kind) and I finally read it over the weekend. And can I just say I’m in total love with everything in it, where do I subscribe?!?! First off I saw these gorgeous egg cups, then there were some brilliant Christmas decoration ideas (ripping those pages out for next years Christmas house decoration!) and finally some gorgeous recipes. I didn’t really digest everything that was in there in just one sitting as it’s all so wonderful, but it’s definitely one to be recommended!

4) Cheap theatre tickets – I’m so concerned about having a dreadfully dull and depressing January and February that I’m making sure to fill it with interesting things, so when I heard that you could get super cheap theatre tickets at getintolondontheatre.co.uk I went a bit crazy. So far I’ve purchased tickets for Wicked, Spamalot and Shrek and what’s great is that the tickets were for £25, £10 and £10 respectively – how awesome is that! So it was Wicked this week, then Spamalot is the week after next and Shrek the week after that – I can hardly contain my excitement!

20130121-143611.jpg5) Mr. Sheep – I think I’ve mentioned this cute cuddly sheep in the past, but this week he’s really come into his own as it’s been so so so cold! Since my wonderful sis bought him for me so I’d stop stealing her pig version it’s become something of a ritual to pop him in the microwave and hug him to death each night. It’s amazing how warm this cute bundle of squidgey lavender sheep can keep me! So who cares if I wake up in the middle of the night really uncomfortable as he’s ended up underneath me? Or if I’m like a four-year old taking a cuddly sheep to bed – he keeps me warm so I certainly don’t!!

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