Outfit ideas for a lovely new shirt!

At the weekend I bought this gorgeous denim shirt from Primark for a mere £10! It was a dream buy as I’ve been looking for a shirt like this for a while, and this one’s nicer than others I’ve seen as it has lovely white lace along the top and small silver studs on the tips of the collar. So a lot more interesting than a very plain shirt without any detailing would be.

So as is the norm when I’ve bought something new I’ve spent the last few days thinking about ways of wearing this shirt. As I really want to ensure that I don’t just wear it in the exact same way every time, which I know I’m inclined to do fairly often! So with that in mind I’ve created a few different outfit ideas below for future reference, that way I’ll remember some of the great ways I can wear this outfit and I won’t just reach for the same old jumper or pair of jeans with it!

Outfit number one: teamed with my grey star print jeans, a purple cable knit jumper and snuggly ugg boots.


This outfit is probably how I’ll wear this new shirt when I wear it for the first time as it’ll certainly keep me warm in the current freezing weather. Plus I do have a bit of an obsession with purple and denim at the moment and this outfit ticks both those boxes!

Outfit number two: teamed with a black dress, coloured belts to cinch the shirt at the waist, pink beads, tights and leopard print pumps

blog outfit 2

I bought a similar black dress to the one above in the sales recently and I have been waiting to wear it in a more interesting manner than just simply with a jumper and uggs. So I think this new shirt would be the perfect accompaniment for it, it would dress up the black dress without being too much and it would also be an unusual way of wearing such a dress. Plus this outfit would be really fun if paired with pink accessories and cool shoes, absolutely perfect for dinner out or a shopping trip!

Outfit number three: Team the shirt with a dark denim skirt, a striped long-sleeved top, gold pumps and a bright coloured blazer.

blog outfit 3

This final outfit would be perfect for work or when out with friends as it’s smart and casual all in one. I love the idea of teaming this paler shirt with a bright blazer as it adds a bit of fun to what is otherwise a quite plain outfit.

So there we have it, a few ideas for wearing my new shirt, that should last me a couple of weeks as I can’t be wearing it everyday! I’ll let you know if these proposed outfits work or not, as to be honest they could look dreadful in real life couldn’t they?!

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