Pinterest Corner #5 – Glittery Nails

Yes I know I’ve done a nail art Pinterest Corner before (see Pinterest Corner #3 – Coloured Nail Tips) but I have fallen in love with another brilliant pin that I can’t put off doing any longer, sorry! The below pin is lovely isn’t it, I love the way it looks like the tips have been dipped in superglue and glitter. Amazing!

Glitter french tips

So having seen this ages ago on the wonder that is Pinterest I finally gave it a go this weekend and below is my finished look, thoughts?

Yes I know it’s not a bright colour and silver glitter but I really fancied going slightly goth with this look as it’s too dark and depressing outside for bright orange nail varnish, (really it’s just an excuse for me to try this pin again in the summer with a bright turquoise or pink nails isn’t it?!) So not only did I go for black over orange I also switched the silver glitter for gold, as the silver I have didn’t work because it’s far too clear and the glitter flecks weren’t big enough. So it all ended up looking a little weird. But overall I think the gold flecks and black work really well, and the nails have certainly cheered me up today every time they catch the light – so pretty!!


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