Good friends, Bodeans and sisterly fun

This week has been good and this week has been bad, it really has been a week of two extremes. But thankfully I’ve made it through and for that I’m mightily grateful! So rather than dwell on the bad (see my Life isVery Short post for more info on part of the bad) I want to focus on the good stuff and that started on Monday when we awoke to Snow – I love snow! Although sadly snow in London is never as good as you think as it turns to slush so quickly and then it’s just horrible, but at least it looks pretty for a while! Monday was a good day, not just thanks to the snow, but also due it including my very first trip to Bodeans! I’ve been wanting to eat at this BBQ restaurant for ages but I’ve been stopping myself as I knew that as soon as I did I’d become obsessed and it would be hard to stop myself from returning weekly. But I couldn’t put it off any longer and so we finally went and I wasn’t disappointed! As soon as I stepped through the doors and smelt the delicious barbecue aroma I was hooked. The mojitos, pulled pork, sweet potato fries and awesome decor – hello metal pig head door handle – only served to solidify my love for this place. So all of this coupled with good friends, lots of nattering and a post Bodeans trip to Starbucks meant a definite Monday win! I’m already trying to decide when I can go again – I think this week might be too soon, yes?!

Tuesday was the days that I finally saw Les Mis after months of waiting and it didn’t disappoint, it was sensational. The entire cast were brilliant, the singing superb, visually the film was glorious and I’ve now decided I want to marry Eddie Redmayne. He’s just so wonderful, I have to admit I’ve become a little obsessed with his gorgeous freckley face, I’ve not yet made his face my phone screensaver but I fear it’s only a matter of time. If you’ve not seen the film yet, do immediately! I’m sure you will not be disappointed.

Wednesday was a much needed night on the sofa feeling happy to be alive and baking scrumptious cranberry, chocolate and hazelnut cookies. I promise I’ll add the recipe link to this blog soon, as they were so wonderful and also incredibly easy to make. Thursday lunchtime saw a work trip to GBK to celebrate the fact we’d been paid. My burger was delicious but the vanilla milkshake was the best part of the meal, it was wonderfully thick just like all good milkshakes should be! After work I had the flat to myself so after working late my night involved mini eggs and old episodes of Friends – possibly the best way to spend an night in.

On Friday I had the day off to head to Sheffield for a sisterly catch up and it was such good fun! Over the two days there was a lot of food consumed, a lot of chattering, copious amounts of Starbucks Mochas and lots and lots of fun. As well as catching up with my two sisters, I also watched Sleepless in Seattle for the first time in years, bought four belts (yes seriously!), became the proud owner of new shoes, trampled through the snowy park, headed to the Museum of Sheffield, said hello to ducks on a frozen pond and cooked in the most hideously dirty Uni kitchen! All in all a good time was had but it was nice to get back late last night and eat food from my fridge and not out in a restaurant for the first time since Thursday! Although it was goodo to be back the snow has made our flat freezing so I had to return to using Mr. Sheep to keep me warm – I love the lavender smell he emits! – he’s such a lifesaver on these freezing cold evenings!!

So far today has involved my sofa, TV catch up, reading and a quick trip out in the snow for provisions. As for the rest of the day I foresee chocolate, more TV and possibly some nail painting. I don’t want to overexert myself after all!

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