Creating a capsule wardrobe (part 2) AKA sale shopping in a big way!

I thought it was about time I updated you on my capsule wardrobe project as I feel like I’ve actually made some progress, hooray! This has been helped considerably by my total lack of willpower and the really good sales that have been on recently. I always forget how much I adore the January sales and so every year I’m pleasantly surprised by the wonders I find that are so reasonably priced. This year has been no different. If you’ll remember after my first post on creating a capsule wardrobe I was left with a fairly long list of items that I needed to acquire before I could complete my project. So how have I fared since, I hear you cry? Well thanks to all my shopping I now own the following items:

2 plain tops – the lovely stripy shoulder padded number from Oasis below and a navy and lace item from Dorothy Perkins. At £12 and £7 respectively I couldn’t not buy them could I!! In fact I’ve already worn both items twice in ten days. So definitely money well spent!

2 shirts – The below gorgeous checked item, with brilliant gold studs on the collar (£20 in the Oasis sale) as well as a raspberry pink gold studded collar number from Dorothy Perkins. Yes that’s right, apparently I have a thing for shirts with gold studs on!!


camisoles/vests – Some black and white classics from h&m

A black dress – Okay so it’s not plain black but it’s a dress and it’s mostly black! It’s not quite the same as the one above, mine has a blue and orange flower pattern and was only £10, but it is the exact same style as this. As soon as I saw the sleeves I knew the dress had to be mine!

A jacket – in a gorgeous turquoise colour

A bag – I did it, I gave in and I purchased the gorgeous bag I’ve been coveting from Mozzypop and I’m so excited about it arriving – I can barely wait to see it in all it’s navy glory.

So as I think you’ll agree some fairly succesful trips – go me! – has meant that I’ve managed to compile the basis of my capsule wardrobe, yippee!. Yes there are still a few items to buy – 2 pairs of trousers (not jeans), 1 sweater and a trench coat – but overall I think I’m there with it. And as I already own a stupid number of coloured cardigans, jumpers and tops I don’t need to spend anything on adding colour to it as I’ll easily be able to mix things up now that the basis of it is there. So there we have it, how I created my capsule wardrobe – now let’s see if it works and makes my morning search for clothes far calmer!!

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