January Smiles

Here are some of the things making me smile this January – it’s being a long old, painful month isn’t it?

20130112-201400.jpgOur new cake cutter storage system – Yes I know it sounds absolutely ridiculous, don’t worry I do understand that, but I can’t help it. It makes me smile every time I see it. Prior to our new organisation system we had various tins on the sideboard to house them all, but this failed as the tins often overflowed and it was such a faff trying to find the cutters we wanted to use. So instead we’ve used some ribbon to string them all up along the edge of our kitchen shelves and I think they look pretty awesome! Plus now we can see them all and I’ve realised we have a ridiculous number including a rabbit that I’d forgotten about!

Modern Family – I love this show, it’s absolutely hilarious! I find it impossible to choose a favourite character as each one does something brilliant each episode. Whether it’s Manny’s old man mannerisms, Cam and Mitchell’s brilliant chats to camera, Hayley’s eye rolling, Claire’s neurotic moments or Phil just generally (check out some of his classic moments here). Modern Family is one of those shows that I could watch for an entire day, no problem.

Recipes – Last week I received a late Christmas parcel which included three recipes from my cousin and his wife for the delicious cakes that we had when I last visited them. As well as these recipes I got given a family friends’ recipe for Welsh Cakes over Christmas – something I’ve been wanting for at least the last decade! I know all the recipes are delicious so I can’t wait to get baking these recipes that have been passed on to me. But which one first?!

Tom Fletcher’s wedding speechThis YouTube video has been doing the rounds all week on Twitter and Facebook and it’s honestly the best speech I’ve ever seen. The idea of signing a speech is just genius, well if you can sing obviously, plus I love the addition of the school choir – cute. Future wedding speeches will pale in significance to me I think!

20130103-092153.jpgMint Dark Chocolate m&m’s – I got these from my sisters for Christmas and I absolutely love them. I’d seen them on eBay and knew I had to try them so when I opened them on Christmas morning I was sooo excited and couldn’t wait to tuck in! And they didn’t disappoint, they are scrumptious. I just wish that they were available more widely in the UK at least so I won’t have to spend a fortune on them when my precious four packs disappear!!

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