A VERY long week

Well this week has been one of the longest of my life, I mean honestly did it feel like three weeks in one to anyone else, or was it just me?! But hey I survived it and at least there was fun stuff in there somewhere!


So what did I get up to? Well I stuck to my new year resolution and mixed up the outfits and accessories this week. With my lovely leopard print pumps getting not one but two outings (I think in 2012 they only say the light of day once, maybe twice!) so this is definitely an improvement! My trainers also saw the outside a lot this week as I went on four runs, yes four – Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday – the runs were mixed in there amazingness as they ranged from 20 minutes (yesterday) to 48 minutes (today) but hey any week where my trainers are seen that much, is a fitness success I think!

Mid week I opted for gold nails as I needed something cheery to get me through the week. Don’t you just love the Gold Digger polish from Models Own – brilliant isn’t it! Also mid week I started this brilliant book, which was one of my Christmas gifts, and it’s bloody brilliant. You should all buy it asap, plus it’s only £0.20 on amazon if you buy it for your Kindle right now, surely it’s got to be worth a try?! Talking of Christmas gifts I’m finally starting my thank you notes, only a little late but I suppose that’s better than never. I do love my elephant cards though, they are so pretty and colourful!

On Monday to treat ourselves after an evening run we had our first homemade pie of the year – chicken and ham – and it as scrumptious. Here it is before it went in the oven. Oh I could eat this every single day. Then later in the week we had homemade bean chilli with wraps, another scrumptious wintery meal that totally warms your cockles (although I’ve always wondered what exactly your cockles are… ). This weekend I also discovered these super handy mocha sachets which have been filling me up and keeping me warm all weekend and at only 77 calories a pop I don’t feel too guilty!

One of my work colleagues left on Friday so we all headed out for drinks on Thursday night, which was lovely. There’s nothing like a good old natter with friends – here are the first three bottles of wine. Needless to say there was plenty more consumed throughout the night – I was good though I stuck to orange juice as wine’s not my thing – as well as lots of nibbles, cheese and salami plattters are my favourite. After we’d left the bar there was a very comedy run for the bus, where I lost my lovely leopard print shoes three times, we did make it though so it was totally worth the pain!

This weekend saw a trip to the cinema on Friday night to see Argo, which is absolutely brilliant I can’t believe I’ve not seen it before. Ben Affleck and all the cast were excellent, the story is unbelievable and it’s wonderfully shot – I can’t recommend it highly enough – YOU MUST WATCH IT ASAP! Saturday saw a walk round Clapham Common followed by a sharing platter lunch at Bison and Bird – pulled pork, deep fried squid, chilli chicken skewers, pitta breads, halloumi, guacamole, dough balls, onion rings and red pepper pesto – scrumdidliumptious! I also fell a little in love with the antler chandelier, isn’t it cool?! After heading out for another run on Saturday it was a restful night on the sofa for me, with a mocha and a Big Bang marathon and then popcorn and Breakfast at Tiffany’s – the first of the films I’ve watched from my 25 Classic Films I MUST watch list – to be honest I wasn’t a fan of it. You can check out my review of Breakfast at Tiffany’s here. Sunday saw an earlyish run, whoopie pie baking (check out the pink buttercream filling – delicious), blogging and a pub quiz (yes we came second to last, but on the plus side the pizza I ate there was the most amazing item of culinary loveliness!) – a pretty great end to a brilliant week!


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