January’s Covetables

So it turns out I haven’t done a Currently Coveting post for over a month, amazing, it’s like I’ve not wanted to buy anything in all that time! Well let’s be honest that’s definitely not been the case, there’s been loads of stuff I’ve seen and some I’ve bought – obviously – but for the bits and bobs I haven’t already purchased I thought I’d share them below. That way all the links are in the right place when I feel the need to get buying!!

Brown Parcel Tape – Books Cottontail Bracelet – BagCD – Stud Biker BootsBelt – Rabbit Cushion

I’ve mentioned this brown star tape before but for some absurd reason I didn’t include this in my most recent Papermash shopping spree and I’ve already started to regret it!! The new Richard and Judy list has been announced and I can’t wait to read them all! Although all the books sound brilliant I think these four are at the top of my list.  I’ve been eyeing up the bag, belt and bracelet since before Christmas but I can’t quite justify the expenditure this soon after Christmas, maybe I’ll treat myself in February. As after all they are all AMAZING  (particularly the bag)! I’m struggling at the moment on my run so I’m thinking buying this CD might help me along as there are some brilliant songs on there. My biker boots died this week, very sad times, so I’ve been scouring the internet for some replacement ones this week and I think these are the ones for me – I love the length, the studs and the colour. What’s more they look like they’d hold up well with all the wear and tear that boots see! Finally we have this rabbit cushion from Joules which I stumbled over when browsing Pinterest – isn’t it adorable? Maybe when I rethink the look of my bedroom this will find it’s way in!

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