Creating a capsule wardrobe

Over the much needed Christmas break I went through my wardrobe and had a BIG clear out of all the items that I no longer wear, that no longer fit or that have seen better days. Two afternoons of serious work and 6 bin bags later I’d done it, I’d sorted out the horrendous, hideous mess that was my wardrobe – gold star to me!

But I wasn’t done there, there was a second step to sorting out my wardrobe; I decided that I wanted to create a capsule wardrobe. Now this is a very foreign concept to me as previously there’s been no logic or thought that goes in to the clothes. If I liked an item of clothing I’d buy it – it was as simple as that. I didn’t stop and think what the item would go with, do I have somewhere I’ll wear this or do I really need it. I simply bought it. Hence the reason why I have no cardigan that goes with my new turquoise jeans and why I own three pairs of brown boots. So as you can see the thought of actually thinking before I buy was a wholly unusual concept but I think it could be revolutionary for me!

The first step in the creation of a capsule wardrobe was to find a list of the ‘basics’ that a capsule wardrobe should contain and work out what I was missing. I found a capsule wardrobe list here and went through that. Apparently a capsule wardrobe should contain the below basics in neutral colours and then you can add a smattering of colour with accessories and other pieces.

1 pair of jeans
2 skirts
2 pairs of trousers
1 sweater
1 cardigan
2 plain tops/t shirts
2 shirts/blouses
2 camisoles/vests
2 dresses – 1 should be black
1 trenchcoat
2 jackets
2 scarves
2 belts
2 bags
4 pairs of shoes – 2 pairs of flats, 2 pairs of heels
1 pair of boots
2 pairs of tights – black and neutral
underwear – flesh and black coloured

After going through this list I realised I didn’t have half of these basics, and that the items I do have that I would consider to be basic aren’t as they’re bright in colour! Oh dear, so I was left with a bit bit of a shopping list of things to buy to create my capsule wardrobe.

2 pairs of trousers – how is it possible that I don’t own a single pair of trousers that aren’t jeans. Madness!
1 sweater – I have loads of sweaters, just none that are neutral in colour and actually fit
2 plain tops – I have lots of tops, yet again none of them are neutral in colour
1 shirt – I have one shirt that’s purple, but I’m in need of another that’s a more basic colour. As purple isn’t going to go with everything I own is it!
camisoles/vests – none of my current vests fit, so I need to go shopping for these basics asap!
A black dress – yes really I don’t own one, craziness!
A trenchcoat, athough I ‘m not fussed about this as it’s so cold at the moment.
A jacket – I only have one which is stripey one.
A bag. Yes I have loads of bags but none of them are neutral in any which way, so I need to get something that’s black, navy or grey asap.

So I’m now armed with a (LONG) list of things I need to buy to create my capsule wardrobe and that’s before I even consider the more colourful pieces – although to be honest I shouldn’t need to get anything else as my wardrobe is awash with colourful stuff! The more I think about this capsule wardrobe idea the more logical it sounds and I think it makes total sense – I can’t wait until it’s ‘built’ and I don’t have to have the usual morning panic about what to wear. I’ll update you in a few days about how the capsule wardrobe build is going as I’ve got my eye on a few pieces (and some I’ve purchased already!) that I’ve seen in the sales to help complete it. But in the meantime has anyone else got a capsule wardrobe and gone through this process. How did you find it and how is it now that you’re living with a capsule wardrobe? I’d love to hear your experiences and thoughts, so please do let me know.

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  1. Didnt even know there was such a thing. Would be easier to just swallow that capsule with a shot of vodka.

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