Star Shop #2 – Papermash

So I’ve discovered the Papermash sale…in a very big way. Oh dear my poor credit. Perhaps this is why my credit card company have just upped my credit card limit by 50%? That would make complete sense! So rather than splurge on all of the things I want, I thought I’d share the items with you all. That way I can hopefully kid my brain into thinking I’ve purchased all of this and then it won’t need to buy it – that sounds logical right? Here’s hoping it works!

So, after my ramblings, what is the fuss about Papermash I hear you ask. Well I discovered it pre Christmas when I bought some lovely ink stamps for my Christmas presents and it’s essentially a site that sells lovely quirky and unique stationery and gifts, a lot of which are made using artisan practices. I defy anyone not to find at least something that tickles their fancy when browsing the lovely website. I for one always notice numerous things that I need want in my life. Some of my current favourites are below, but what about you, what products have particularly tickled your fancy?

1) I’ve made no secret of my love for brown paper packages tied up with string and I think this string would be ideal for birthday presents over the next year. Look how pretty and sparkly it is. I’m officially in love. with a piece of string – yes I’m worried too.

2) I totally love these cute balloon stamps and think they’re so cute. I can think of loads of ways you could use these – on homemade birthday cards, gift tags, thank you notes, wrapping paper and invites. So sweet.

3) I love these vintage inspired illustrated gift tags. I’m sure they’d be super handy for Christmas 2013, it’s never too early to be prepared right?

4) & 5) I know super early to even consider buying these tapes BUT both these tapes are brilliant and I know I would use them on all my presents next year. I love that you can write on the brown tape and I think the spotty reindeer tape is a thing of beauty!

6) One of my biggest regrets of Christmas 2012 was not making more presents for people, particularly food! So next year I plan on giving everyone some homebaked goodies as well as a present they actually ask for. So I’ll make things like Sticky Gingerbread Cake, Christmas cookies and delicious creamy fudge. As this is definitely going to happen I’m very tempted by this stamp, it would be such a nice way to present the edible goodies – in brown boxes or bags decorated with tissue paper, washi tape and these.

7) These are super cute, although I don’t suppose I’d use them much to be honest as they are too pretty to ruin! But nonetheless I can still desire them right?

8) I love stripes. I love wrapping paraphenalia. So what’s not to love about this tape?

9) I’m always on the look out for thank you notes, don’t believe me then check out my Essential Notecards post from last year, and these are super cute. They’d do for any and all occasion, in fact I think they would look lovely framed too.

**All images used are taken from the gorgeous Papermash website. **

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