The first ‘Lately’ post of 2013!

So far 2013 has been exhausting, has anyone else found that? I mean I only worked three days last week but it felt more like 12, even with lots of lovely things to keep me going. (See last weeks Smiley Happy Things post about Surviving the First Week in January to find out more.) But apart from just surviving a three day work week what else have I been up to I hear you cry?

Well Monday was all about organising and getting prepared for the new year – a new year, how did that happen?!?! So I got rid of about 10 bags of clothes, books and bits and bobs (the lucky local charity shop, hey!) and I also reorganised my wardrobe so there’s now a space for everything! And even better space for any new clothes I might find along the way, well you never know what you might come across do you?! Talking of new clothes I got thrifty and went shopping in our local charity shop and found a gorgeous bright blue cardigan from Topshop for only £5, hooray to me! I’m not a big fan of New Year’s Eve so I spent the evening with my sister watching a marathon of The Big Bang Theory and eating baked Camembert. It was our first ever attempt at ‘making’ it ourselves and it worked perfectly and was truly scrumptious!! Look how oozy and delicious it was, mmmm! At about half ten we headed out to Vauxhall to watch the London fireworks display with our other sister and her friends. We managed to secure a really good spot near the MI6 building and the fireworks were absolutely spectacular, a brilliant way to see in 2013.

New Years Day itself was actually quite chilled out, really that date is the perfect excuse for doing nothing! There was an early morning run (well not that early I suppose, but still 11am on Jan 1st is quite early!) followed by lunch at Nando’s (check out the gorgeous sofa I saw at Nando’s and that I’m in total lust with) and then sofa time. I had a long list of things to do and achieve before going back to work, yet I couldn’t quite face any of them, oops! I did make a bit of a dent on my remaining Christmas chocolates though!!

The 2nd of January was that dreaded day of heading back to work, eurgh, it’s definitely not to be recommended. It was so hard and the week felt so long and difficult, which is ridiculous really as it was quite quiet, so it should have been easy and not to mention productive. However somehow that wasn’t the case, sad times indeed. Despite my whinging I am glad I went back to work last week, it was probably a lifesaver to get back into things slowly rather than starting back today and being thrown into the fire and hundreds of emails to catch up on. I think that would definitely be a LOT worse – or that’s what I’m telling myself anyway!

As for the weekend it was lovely and relaxed, which was certainly needed after going back to work! Saturday saw more organising, a 3 mile run (woohoo!!) and a marathon of The Hour – the entire second series in pretty much one sitting. It was absolutely phenomenal and I can’t recommend it enough if you’ve not seen it yet. It’s so stylish, informative and interesting, not to mention perfectly scripted and acted. I cannot believe how they ended the series – heartbroken doesn’t even come close to describing my thoughts on this! I also got super excited about my two new books – The Hairy Dieters Cookbook and the new Harriet Evans book – I can’t wait to get reading Happily Ever After and making more of the food from the cookbook. We did get started on the recipes at the weekend actually, we tried the lemon and blueberry cupcakes, which by the way are absolutely scrumptious and amazing. I can’t recommend them highly enough, they are delicious.

On Sunday I attempted some circuit training, but failed after 5 minutes….oops. Then it was off to Hyde Park and The Serpentine Bar and Kitchen for a late lunch before the Royal Albert Hall to watch the latest Cirque de Soleil extravaganza – Kooza. I had a delicious fish finger sandwich, which was on foccacia bread – an inspired idea. The combo worked together perfectly! As for Kooza it was simply amazing. Some of the feats they do are unbelievable there’s one bit with two giant spinning metal circles (called the WHEEL OF DEATH!) that these guys then proceed to jump all over. How they didn’t fall off I don’t know – absolute craziness! There were also clowns, some tightrope walkers, a guy who balanced atop chairs piled 7 high!, a uni-cycler and of course the contortionists. Honestly I’m not such a fan of the contortionists (or the super bendy women as I like to call them), as they make me feel quite ill. I mean if you’re sat on your own head how are your organs all fitting in to your body, eurgh!

So there we have it, that’s how I spent my first week of January. To be honest it could have been a LOT worse than it was, but still I don’t think I want to repeat those three days back at work again!, no thank you! How was your first week back, are you struggling too, or did you enjoy getting back to reality?

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