Surviving the first week in January

This week has been hard. I know I’ve only been back at work for three days, but it’s felt like 12, eurgh it has not been easy to get back into the swing of things. The early starts, dark mornings, cold weather and attempts to be healthy have not helped matters either. Anyway I’ve survived it – a pat on the back for me – but it was definitely a close call and in fact I’m not sure I would have done had it not been for the following things. Without the below I’d still be on the sofa in my penguin footed onesie, eating Christmas cake and watching Christmas episodes of The Vicar of Dibley, oh how I wish I was still there, damn these lovely things!

20130103-185038.jpgFairy Lights – It’s no secret that I love Christmas and part of that is to do with all the gorgeous decorations that appear at that time of year. And fairy lights are my all time favourite decorations. These gorgeous bubbles of light instantly make any room or area look pretty and the best bit is that you can keep them up all year round. I think I might have to leave mine up this year, at lease until I’m no longer wallowing in the January blues!

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition – Yes I admit it, I’m an Extreme Makeover: Home Edition addict. I literally could watch this show until the cows come home, it’s so so so so brilliant. Yes it’s over the top, yes it’s completley American, yes it has a gazillion ad breaks but it’s also heart-warming, humbling and awe-inspiring. It gets me singing the theme tume, sobbing at the reveal and genuinely excited about each and every room. Not to mention the trips of a lifetime for all the little kids to Walt Disney World. So if you’re ever feeling down or in need of a reminder that happiness and good people exist in the world, then head on over to Really and get Sky +’ing – you won’t regret it. And yes I do have a bit of a crush on Paul, Preston and Michael, so what?

20130103-092120.jpgMy brand new whale necklace & breton top combo – This ‘A Whale of a Tale’ necklace was a Christmas present and I treated myself to the top in the Gap sale. Add them together and what have you got? A combo that is fast becoming my favourite top/necklace combination. I’ve only worn it twice this week, (which I suppose is actually quite often for seven days!) but it’s definitely a favourite look, and it ticks off one of my new years resolution to mix up my outfits – win!

The Les Miserables trailer – I love this trailer it makes me overly emotional every time I watch it, it’s really quite ridiculous! I am literally counting down the days until I can finally see this film – Jan 15th in case anyone is wondering! I really hope it lives up to my super high expectations. To be honest I think it will as I’ve heard great things and the cast is phenomenal and they seem like they can actually sing; well in my opinion anyway (I get goosebumps everytime I hear Anne Hathaway sing I Dreamed a Dream)!

20130103-092104.jpgStarbucks Lattes – Now I’m not a coffee fan, in fact the only way I consume coffee is when it forms part of a mocha (lots of added chocolate to disguise the taste) and in Tiramisu (again lots of added chocolate). However, this week I’ve felt the need for that extra kick to get me moving in the morning and as part of my attempt to be healthier (ha I wonder how long that will last!) I’ve decided I can’t have a mocha every single day – especially not those of the Starbucks Praline variety. So the humble latte has become my saviour and actually they’re not half bad, in fact I fear this could be my new hot drink tipple. So it appears I may have started the new year with a new addiction, oopsy!

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  1. Those resolutions are sinking faster than the the titanic – my new years prediction – but who can go wrong on that one!! Sounds like you need another trip to Disney World. My first and only time was Magic Kingdom Florida. Space Mountain was delightfully terrifying. I was 20. Never got to return. Sad, but I’m over it now. Do it. Or you’re going to cry.
    About your lights: if you’re going to do a Griswold, then milk that baby for what its worth. Keep those lights burning to the end. Keep those Xmas records spinning.
    Incredible Shrinking Man.


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