Pinterest Corner #2 – An etched mason jar

So here we are at my second Pinterest Corner post, and as promised it’s only been a week since my last one. Now I don’t want to get too carried away, it’s only my second post after all, but it’s all turning out quite well isn’t it – I’m on time AND things are going smoothly!

So today’s project involves a mason jar. Anyone who spends even a little time on Pinterest will know that Pinteresters are obsessed with them. I didn’t even know what a mason jar was before I joined Pinterest but now I want some (well hundreds). To start with I need one for make up and hair crap, one for cookie cutters and one for my Christmas wrapping paraphernalia. Although that only seems to scrape the surface of what you can do with them, there seem to be a million different uses and just as many ideas for decorating them. Below are some of my favourite decoration ideas and uses for the jars from my Pinterest boards.


Clockwise from top left: Etched Mason Jars – Painted Distressed Mason JarsMason Jars covered with lace Fabric Lined Mason JarsGlass Jar Typography

One of my favourite ideas for decorating the jars is the etching idea above. So when I was last at Hobbycraft (oh how I love that shop – it’s full to the rafters with possibilities and inspiration) I picked up some electrical tape, a medium sized mason jar and the etching spray that I would need to recreate this pin. However three months went by and I hadn’t so much as opened the Hobbycraft shopping bag – oops! But having just had over a week off work for Christmas fun it seemed the perfect time to get going on it. So what did I do? Well it couldn’t be simpler to totally change and spruce up the jar/bottle/or whatever other glass item you have, just follow the simple instructions below.

1) You’ll only need four things to complete the project – a jar, electrical tape, scissors and etching spray

2) Create your etching design by using the electrical tape. I would it round the jar but you could also use stickers to do dots or flowers

3) Spray the jar with lots of even layers and leave to dry

4) Three hours later you can remove the tape/stickers and your jar is done, hooray!!


So what do you think, simple right? I honestly can’t believe it’s taken me so long to get this done. It was so easy and looks so good (well it is if you ignore the couple of areas where there are drips because I sprayed a little too much!!). I love it so much that my fingers are itching to spray other stuff, it’s a really good job that I haven’t got anymore jars or bottles laying around the house!! The only thing I think still needs to change is the lid, as it doesn’t quite go. As I’m planning on using the jar for festive wrapping paraphenalia I think I’ll get some red or green spray paint and spray the lid to finish the whole thing off, but it’ll certainly do for the time being.

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  1. I didn’t know they made etching spray! I thought it was like a glue you painted on. now that I know that….watch out mason jars!

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