Making my lovely photos even lovelier

I take a fair few pictures each day using my iPhone either with Hipstamatic or just the camera function and then I improve my snaps using Instagram. But lately I feel like my pictures have started to become a bit samey and boring. By ‘samey’ I basically mean my iPhone photography consists of three main themes – the food I’m eating, my latest nail polish designs and the clothes I’m wearing!

So I feel I need to challenge myself a little in the New Year to improve my photography, not just what I’m photographing but also how, the colours and the style. So hopefully the January photography challenge I’m starting will steer me in the direction of more exciting pictures! I’ve seen quite a lot of different challenges online – there’s the Fat Mum Slim Photo a Day Challenge and also Capture your 365 – but none of them are quite what I want to do, so instead of joining in with one of those I’ve made up my own list of 31 things to photograph in January. I’ve provisionally assigned each one to a specific date in January but I can’t imagine I’ll stick to these dates for the entire length of the challenge. As it’s all about creating the best images, so if I’m doing something one day that works best with the ‘life loves’ challenge I’d be silly not to use that image then!

1 – Life loves
2 – Smiles
3 – Blue
4 – Time
5 – Shapes
6 – Lonely
7 – Letters
8 – Texture
9 – Morning
10 – Treats
11 – Darkness
12 – Sound
13 – Feet
14 – Movement
15 – Landscape
16 – Spots
17 – Something beginning with ‘J’
18 – Weather
19 – Buildings
20 – Three things
21 – Scrumptious food
22 – Self portrait
23 – Work
24 – People
25 – Rushing
26 – Up or down
27 – Nature
28 – Comfort
29 – Happiness
30 – Something you own
31 – Repetition

So there we have it my list for January. Hopefully these 31 photos will help me photograph some more interesting things and improve my iPhone picture taking abilities. I’ll let you know how it goes…

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