Christmas Wrapping

So this is a slightly belated post seeing as Christmas was nearly a week ago, but I still wanted to share my Christmas wrapping as promised as it’s technically Christmas until I go back to work! As I mentioned in my Wrapping Love post I’m a sucker for brown paper packages, so that’s the route I went down this year with wrapping. However it wasn’t boring, no way josé, my wrapping was still bright and colourful. I hope you like it!

1) A pile of presents with my gorgeous timbergram cards – they are made of actual wood!
2) Gold ribbon accessorised with felt Christmas trees from Hobbycraft and ‘no peeking!’ gift tags from eBay
3) Pretty silver ribbon and ink present decoration – the stamp was from Papermash, and I also got the Christmas tree stamp there too
4) Pink ‘Merry Christmas’ washi tape from Paperchase and left over tags from last year
5) Green ribbon and a red felt bauble
6) Red and white ribbon with brown paper – a classic combo!
7) Wise words on this tape from East of India
8) & 9) Coloured ribbon goes with all types of paper, boxes and even sticker tags you steal from family!
10) Ribbon and black ink stamps
11) My green washi tape – a perfectly simple way to improve brown paper
12) A present for mum wrapped in Caroline Gardner Christmas pudding tissue paper. Finished off with red ribbon and a ‘No Peeking!’ tag. I fell in love with this paper as soon as I saw it. I just had no idea what I’d use it for. Thankfully when I was wrapping Mum’s presents inspiration struck and I had the perfect solution!

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