Star Shop #1 – Mozzypop

I recently stumbled across Mozzypop a brilliant online boutique that sells jewellery and accessories. I can’t really remember how I found it but I’m so pleased I did. I’m just sad I didn’t find it in time to buy christmas presents for my sisters, as I’m sure they would have loved what I found for them! For starters I would have got this gorgeous swallow ring for one of them and then this cute bunny ring for the other. And then I’d have to find someone to give this toy soldier necklace to, isn’t it sweet?

This site is great, everything is beautiful and VERY reasonably priced, I mean £4 for a ring – bargain! If I won the lottery then I think I’d buy up the whole site! Below are some of my favourite items off the site, I think it’ll be a miracle if I don’t buy the bag before the end of January!

Satchel – £28

Turquoise Arrow Head Necklace – £5
Sausage Dog Necklace – £5


Swooping Swallow Stud Earrings – £4

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