Pinterest Corner #1 – A Cloche Christmas Decoration

So I recently shared my intentions to post one thing a week in Pinterest Corner… and at last I’ve written my first post. Woohoo, three cheers to me hey!

Of course the very first post HAD to be Christmas related(!) and it’s based on this brilliant cloche and baulbles decoration I saw on the I heart organizing blog and pinned to my Christmas Pinterest board.
I love the simplicity of this decoration and the fact that it instantly adds a splash of colour to any room. It would also be really easy to adapt it each year with new colourful decorations and a different colour or design of cake stand – so there’s no way it would get boring.
Also one of the annoying things about Christmas decorations, which is not the case for this, is that you spend loads of money on them and then they’re only up for a few weeks. With the cloche and cake stand combo though you could display cakes or candles throughout the year so it’s not such a waste, win! If I owned this I’d definitely switch the baulbles for candles in the new year, maybe a selection of ten candles all different thickness’ and heights, that would look absolutely lovely I think.

Sadly for my version of this lovely decoration I had to amend it as I don’t own a cloche. I did browse some online but the cheapest one I could find was only 16cm in diameter and over £40! So I soon reconsidered my plan and instead used a big glass jar that my Mum has and filled that up with all the spare ornaments and beads I could find.
Whilst I would have preferred to copy the I heart Organizing one exactly I think my attempt is quite good and lovely in it’s own way and it’s certainly added some extra colour to our decorations! Plus it was really simple to make as we had all the bits and pieces already in the house, as I’m sure most people do!

So there we go my first Pinterest Corner post, let me know what you think and if I’ve inspired you to start looking at your own Pinterest boards and giving some of the pins a whirl!

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