Sunday round up

This week has been brilliant! I don’t know if it’s just that I’m writing this with over a week until I have to go back to work and therefore I have rose-tinted spectacles firmly on my face or whether the entire week was really that good. But who cares! Annoyingly I didn’t take that many pictures, but hopefully the below isn’t too boring thanks to the lack of images!

Monday – Homeland Series One free from work, Arthur Christmas, Christmas nails and an Indian takeaway with friends


Tuesday – Very unhealthy breakfast, lunch with friends and making a start on my wrapping

Wednesday – Afternoon off, baking reindeer cupcakes & cake pops, ice skating and dodgems at Winter Wonderland and scrumptious tapas at Carmen

Thursday – Lunch at The Southbank Market, Gossip Girl, Grey’s and a lazy night on the sofa

Friday – Last day of work, stroll to Trafalgar Square, a Naked Burrito, Quality Streets, driving home for Christmas and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Saturday – Christmas food shop, last minute present shopping, homemade mince pies, glittery nails, snooze on the sofa and Merlin and Dreamgirls on TV

Sunday – Warner Bros. Studio Tour, BBQ pulled pork sandwich and Costco. The Warner Bros. Studio Tour was unbelievable and I’ll definitely be posting about it properly in a few days (once I’ve got my head around all of it’s awesomeness)!

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