I don’t need cheering up, but here are some cheery things!

As Christmas is fast approaching I have not been in much need of extra cheer, pretty much everything that’s happened/I’ve seen has filled me with unbridled joy. What can I say Christmas is my favourite time of year and there’s nothing sad or depressing in the last few days before this festive holiday. However, there are a few things over the last few days that have been the cream on my cheery cupcake, which I thought I’d share below! I think you’ll agree they are worth a moment of reflection and appreciation!!

First up is this brilliant guinea pig wrapping paper, not just guinea pigs – as that would be rather odd on wrapping paper – but guinea pigs in knitted hats, WIN! I think the bright pink knitted number is my favourite look, the black and white guinea pig pulls it off so well after all!

photo 1

I got these truly festive socks in my advent calendar earlier this week and I love them! Not only are they super-Christmassy they are also the softest and warmest songs I’ve worn in forever. It honestly feels like your feet are getting a hug whenever you put them on. If you feel you need these in your life (and let’s face it you’d be right!) then hop, skip and jump down to your local Primark and pick up a pair.

photo 2

In one of my recent Currently Coveting posts, Mochas, books and a crochet reindeer, I mentioned my total lust for the Penguin Clothbound books. Well following that post I promptly went and treated myself to three of the books which arrived this week and they are simply fabulous! Everytime I look at them I feel a sense of joy, they are just beautiful. I’m hard pressed to choose my favourite jacket design but there’s something about the Jane Eyre leaf pattern that warms my heart.

photo 3

At work yesterday we watched Peter Rabbit’s Christmas Tale, the first episode of the new Peter Rabbit animation and it was simply lovely. If you’ve not seen it yet it’s beautiful and wonderfully Christmassy and Cottontail is possibly the cutest animated character that’s ever been created! Watch the trailer for Peter Rabbit Christmas Tale now and prepare to feel excited!

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