Pinterest Corner

So what is Pinterest Corner I hear you ask? Well as a Pinterest obsessive I’m forever pinning awesome things and thinking ‘I must cook this’, ‘oh, if only I could make one of these’ and ‘Wow, wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to knit this?’ and then promptly forgetting about the item I’ve pinned. Well I’ve been perusing some of my boards recently and I’ve noticed loads of amazing things I must get round to creating.This needs to change so I’ve decided that I need to rectify this and actually start doing, creating and making some of the things I pin. Therefore Pinterest Corner has been born.

This is the space where I will document these undertakings, everything from creating crafty bits and bobs and discovering new outfits to baking scrumptious cakes and painting fabulous nail art. I want to do at least one post each week in Pinterest Corner, but to be honest we’ll see how that goes as who knows what each new week will bring! Anyway, I’ll post my first Pinterest Corner post over the next day or so and I do hope you enjoy them!

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