Christmas frolics and fun

20121216-220419.jpgI can’t believe it’s almost Christmas, only seven sleeps to go!! This past week has been chocked full of Christmas shenanigans and I’m really feeling properly Christmassy now, it’s great! This week of Christmas joy started off well with our work Christmas meal, which was fantastic. We went to Bill’s in Covent Garden, which if you’ve never been to I implore you to visit asap! I’ve been a few times in the past and always had something different, their fish finger sandwiches are my all time favourites so get them if you do go! As it was a Christmas meal, we had to order off a set menu, not that I cared as the choices were excellent. After a lot of deliberating I went for the prawn cocktail to start (truly scrumptious), then the Roast Turkey with roast potatoes, stuffing, sprouts and bacon bits, parsnips and loads and loads of gravy (heavenly) and finally for pudding I had the apple crumble with vanilla ice cream, which was out-of-this-world and served in a tea cup, genius! Such a fantastic spread and as if that wasn’t enough we even got mince pies for free and mochas at the end, phew what a lovely meal. It was great to spend the afternoon out of the office with friends, with good food, crackers and embarrasing stories thrown in. It’s a shame we don’t do it three or four times a year really!


After our Christmas meal we went to our work Christmas Carol Concert which was in the church in Covent Garden. The concert was brilliant with the perfect mix of old and new carols, everything from Oh Come all Ye Faithful and First Noel to Mariah Carey’s All I want for Christmas and Do They Know it’s Christmas?, just perfect for getting me in the Christmas spirit – as if I needed any more encouragement! We treated ourselves to blackberry cocktails in a local bar afterwards, sadly no one else enjoyed the cocktails, but I thought they were yummy. Clearly I have weird taste buds compared to everyone else!!


The lights along The Southbank

On Tuesday I went the The Southbank Christmas Market, twice. Yep you did read that right, I really did go twice, oops! First off I went at lunchtime with my work friends. Whilst there we ate hog roast rolls with stuffing and apple sauce as we meandered along the river stopping to appreciate the brilliant stalls – fake snow and the crepes – and laugh at the weird ones – wooden ties anyone? After finishing work I met up with friends in The Royal Festival Hall (again) and we walked along the Southbank through the market and towards home. It was absolutely freezing as the wind was bitter so I treated myself to a mint hot chocolate which I proceeded to hug for the entire walk home! The walk home was lovely not only because of the glorious sights (The London Eye, The Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and The Tate) but also because of the good friends I was with, queue lots of nattering! Once we got home we heated up lots of warming soup and grabbed some french bread and settled in for a night of Arthur Christmas viewing! I love that film, it’s just absolutely brilliant. It’s hilarious and I love hearing such brilliant UK acting talent playing the rest of Arthur’s family. I also really really really want Arthur’s slippers and Christmas jumper, oh if only they did them in my size!


20121216-220732.jpgSadly on Wednesday I work at crazy o’clock and proceeded to throw up for most of the early morning – lovely. So needless to say it wasn’t the most active of days as I spent the day alternating between the sofa and my bed. I finally started to feel a little better so treated myself with four hours of North and South so I could oogle over Richard Armitage – he’s just loveliness personified. Especially in this period drama, which is my favourite of all time. I think I’ve seen it about 50 times over the last 5 years and could probably act out the entire thing if I was called on (Let’s hope that never happens as I don’t think it would be pretty)! His character is just wonderful and I just wish I would get swept off my feet by my very own Mr. Thornton like Margaret does, oh I can dream I suppose!

After a very quiet Wednesday it was back to work on Thursday which was an extremly busy day thanks to me having been ill on Wednesday and because I had Friday off. I don’t think I’ve written that many emails in one day in so long. At least when I left work on Thursday I had ticked off some huge tasks, so that was something at least! Friday was very chilled out and all about organisation as I wrote Christmas cards and posted parcels as well as generally just getting everything in order. I headed back to my parents on Friday night and we had a lovely night in watching Modern Family and eating M&S food. In fact I had my first ever Eve Pudding, which was a revelation! I can’t believe I’ve not had one before!?! It’s cake and apple two of my favourite things, so add in custard and I’m in foodie heaven!

On Saturday proper Christmas began as my little sister was back from University and we were all back at my parents’ house to put up the decorations together. It was so much fun doing it all together and the house looks stunning! I will post about the decorations another time, and just leave you with this brilliant picture of my sisters and I in a Christmas bauble!


After tree decorating fun we played cards and ate homemade lasagna before Lau and I headed back home utterly exhausted! Sunday was a VERY productive day which started with a 5k run, my first in forever and I’m just amazed I actually survived it! We ended up at Sainsbury’s and proceeded to buy up all the baking items we could find for our epic Christmas baking session in the afternoon. We made Christmas Reindeer Gingerbread and Sticky Gingerbread Bread, both of which are delicious and certainly went down well at work! Check out the pictures below, what do you think?

20121216-220653.jpg   20121216-220644.jpg

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