I’ve already done my Christmas list, but…..

..there are still lots of things I want/need in my life! So I’m going to start making my new year shopping list, because lets be honest in January I’m going to be in serious need of something to cheer me up. And actually thinking about it I’ve asked for vouchers for Christmas so I could potentially buy all of the below with them!

First off this blazer is wonderful and I need it in my life! I love the cut, the colour and of course the price – £35! Bargain or what. I used to have quite a lot of blazers but now none of them fit so perhaps I’ll have to treat myself to this in the new year. It would be perfect in the spring teamed with my brown leather boots and skinny jeans. Instant outfit, minimum effort.
Oh this dress is simply divine, I don’t even know where to start when it comes to describing my love for this dress. I love the lace sleeves, which are the perfect length for me as I hate the tops of my arms. I love the navy blue colour, still subtle and work appropriate but not as dull as black. And then we have the shape, the nipped in waist and than a flare to just above the knee, sublime. I can think of dozens of ways to where this dress, with the above new blazer, black tights, turquoise necklace and my heeled buckle boats from m&s for one!

I’ve been looking for a new phone case for a while and have had great difficulty. There just don’t seem to be good ones anywhere, it’s such a pain! I finally settled on a plain see-through red one for a few pounds off of eBay but I do intend to get a better one in the new year. And I think I’ve found my new case as this cute dog one is perfect! I love that its simple and blue and white and then you notice the pattern and then it makes you smile! I haven’t seen anyone else with this either so that’s another reason fur buying it!

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