Essential Notecards

Now notecards are a necessity at this time of year, as there’s nothing worse than not starting on your thank you cards until mid-January just because you can’t find the perfect ones (speaking from experience here). What you need is to be stocked up pre-Christmas so that you can get cracking straightaway as there’s really no more odious task than thank you card writing in February. Ideally they should be done and dusted by the time you go back to work – I blame my mother for this obsession, she made us write thank you cards every year. She used to nag us so much that by the time my sister and I were 10 we were starting them on Boxing Day so that there would be no more nagging to ruin Christmas! I’ve seen some great cards this year, yet I still haven’t picked any up, oops but there’s still time, as long as I have them by this time next week I’ll be a-okay!

So what wondrous notecards am I currently coveting you ask! Firstly I love these lovely London Skyline ones from the London Transport Museum shop, the design is great. I love the bright colours of the iconic London landmarks and I know that the people I’ll be sending the cards to will absolutely love them.It would be quite nice to send these cards as they are of the city I live in, which seems quite apt really. And at only £1.13 for twelve it seems fairly sensible to buy them!

Botanic Boxed Notecard Set Of 20 CardsThese flowery ones are lovely, and with 20 in a box for £9.99 that’s not too bad and should cover all of the presents I get in the next few weeks and probably my birthday ones too! But I’m not sure if maybe they are a little bit too flowery, what do you think? Would they work if they were being sent to my Uncle or Dad, or would that be a bit weird?? Hhm, I’m not sure….

Next up are these super-cute brown card ones. They are so simple, yet I love them! I know they are technically not thank you cards but I think they’d still work and sometimes simple is the best.Plus they would be multi-functional and would do throughout the year! And look at that little sausage dog, cute or what!

Set Of Six Eco Hand Stamped Notecards    

I’m also totally in love with these brown card typewriter ones, aren’t they adorable? In particular I love the little heart on the paper.

Thank You Notecards-Chalkboard Laurel Wreath-Set of 8

Oh check out these chalk board ones, amazing or what! I think these might have to be the ones, they are so cool! I also can’t imagine that anyone else would have these as they are so unusual – I love!

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