Gone Girl

I bought this book as I’d heard good things about it from a couple of different people and was intrigued. Once I’d seen the cover, which I just love for its simplicity and beautiful finishes, I knew I had to own it! Thankfully it didn’t disappoint, this is the first book I’ve read in a while that I’ve absolutely devoured and LOVED! It’s superb and I can’t recommend it enough.

Although weirdly for a book I loved so much, it took me a while to get into it. but having perserved for 100 pages or so I seemed to turn a corner and was gripped by the story. Without giving too much away this book is about how well you really know your partner and follows the story of Nick and what happens when his wife goes missing. Told from a number of different people’s perspectives the book keeps twisting and turning until the very last page and won’t leave you disappointed. Even after I’d finished the book I was still thinking about the characters and what had happened. Wondering if I’d have done the same or if there was any other way you could or would act in the same circumstances. To be honest I’m still not sure you could do anything other than what the author decided on.

Interestingly enough the characters in the book aren’t that likeable yet I still enjoyed the book, not something that usually happens. I think this is down to Gillian Flynn’s unbelievable skill in creating characters that you come to care about and empathise with even if they are all incredibly flawed.

This is a riveting read and one of the best crime and thriller books I’ve read in a while. A definite must read!

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