A weekend of fun times!

I’ve been up to lots of fun stuff over the weekend, so much stuff that I’ve not had time for a proper post, so hopefully some lovely pictures will do!

My super glitzy nails, LOVE!

Saturday mornings early start was worth it as the view from The Royal Observatory in Greenwich was superb. The astronomy photography exhibition that we went to was also absolutely stunning too!

Next stop was Stratford Westfield for Christmas shopping and a spot of lunch at Cabana – check out the walls and giant outside letters!

The food was delicious, we shared chicken croquettes, sweet potato fries, risotto balls and pulled pork sliders – yummy!

Finally we headed home for some Christmas film viewing. I love this film! I haven’t seen it for so long is I’d forgotten loads of it!!

Another early start for the premiere of The Snowman and The Snowdog on Sunday. Now I may be biased as I work for a company that has a lot to do with The Snowman BUT its absolutely superb!

Here’s everything that was in our goodie bag – nice!

My new pressies from Friday night and just in time for a gingerbread baking session on Sunday.

Finally after lots of fun this afternoon/evening with friends I made these glorious specimens of cake. Who doesn’t love a reindeer cupcake!

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