Can I have a rest yet?

These last few weeks have been simply exhausting, I feel like I’ve barely stopped!! I’m not complaining mind you as I’ve had a brilliant two weeks or so but I can’t help but think hedgehogs and badgers have the right idea, maybe hibernation is the way forward? Imagine how wonderful that would be, knowing you can stay snuggled up and warm for months. Just think how refreshed you’d feel when you eventually woke up, a girl can dream I suppose! So what have I been up to that’s been so busy I hear you ask? Well, here goes!

First off the week before last I had to work till 7pm three nights in a row (!), now I honestly don’t mind working late on occasion but when it’s three days out of five and you’ve started work early as well and you’re up at your desk for 11 hours straight its not the best. Definitely not my finest moment of the week! As well as being crazy because of work, last week was random as there was a mid week karaoke moment that I got roped into at the last minute. Whilst it was all surreal it was actaully great fun – there were mojitos, burgers and Beyonce’s Listen was involved, so how could it not be brilliant?!

After a crazy week, of what I’ve deemed work hell, I headed to Nottingham for a weekend of fun and frolics with friends, and it was super-Christmassy! I’m so excited that December has finally started! We rented an apartment about 10 minutes walk from the centre of town and had a great time exploring the city including the castle. Having never been to Nottingham before I wasn’t sure to expect, but it was a lovely place and I’d definitely go back again. As well as lots of chattering and catching up, we also watched Love Actually, swapped Christmas presents, drank Starbucks Christmas drinks, sang Christmas songs, shopped (a lot!), went to the Christmas market, ate scrummy food and drank cocktails (do you sense a theme?). It was really brilliant, there’s nothing quite like catching up with good friends is there?! Then to top off a perfect weekend we put up the tree on Sunday night – doesn’t it look brilliant?

The Christmas fun continued on Tuesday with a trip to the Christmas market on London’s Southbank, I love that place! It’s just opposite work, so I’m lucky that I can head there whenever I’m in need of some Christmas cheer! Amazingly a friend of mine has never been before (I know would you believe it!) so we met there and had a wander along the river, stopping to admire jewellery and bags, eat pizza, munch on nutella and banana crepes (is there anything better?!) and play with the fake snow. Oh, it was so festive! After freezing thanks to the bitter wind we headed to the Royal Festival Hall to warm up and managed to waste two hours nattering! If you never been to the Festival Hall I highly recommend it, it’s perfect for sitting and catching up with friends or just using the free WiFi.

This week was another crazy work week as I had to go to Loughborough library for work, and while I fell in love with the library – it’s all high ceilings and stained glass windows – I wasn’t really keen on Loughborough itself. It was quite small and very market town like, I’m not sure I’d want to go again, although I bet the countryside around there is lovely. So all-in-all I was rather glad to get back to London town and the lovely Christmas decorations in Covent Garden – aren’t the candy canes amazing? After a busy day in Loughborough for work it was straight to Soho for a friends hen night, which was lovely. She’s getting married in less than a month so we really needed to get organised and celebrate with her and what was even better than the general gossiping and drinking – we ended it with a truly delicious Chinese in China Town! This was a first for me as I’ve never found a really good one before, usually the places are really rubbish, so it was good to find somewhere that did delicious lemon chicken, prawn crackers – two baskets for us, oops! – noodles and prawn toasts! Even if we were dining with a man and his two ‘friends’.

You can tell it’s almost Christmas as I had my first of three work Christmas meals this week, yes three! Although to be honest this one was with ex-colleagues so maybe that doesn’t count as a proper work meal, I don’t know? We headed to Strada and it was such a lovely evening, all 10 of us used to work together back in 2009 and since then all but four have left the company and we haven’t all been in the same room since. So as you can imagine it was slightly loud – but brilliant! There was just so much to catch up on, I really didn’t want the night to end. I think we’ll try and make this a yearly occurrence as we all enjoyed it so much, and got some brilliant presents (cookie cutters and a cake stand – someone knows me well) out of it! I think that’s what I love the most about Christmas, catching up with everyone and spending time with friends. Even if you don’t see them the rest of the year it’s just the perfect excuse for a good old natter and evening out.

So that’s my last few weeks, busy but super fun. I’m just glad that the last few hours have involved nothing more than Christmas films, chocolate, my laptop and the sofa – result!

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