My eBay obsession has returned with a vengeance!

Oh dear this week I seem to have been plunged into an eBay obsessed hole. I say this like its out of my hands, when its totally my own fault but still….

Now I used to be a big fan of eBay and made a small fortune post uni selling all my rubbish dvds, yes The O.C boxsets I’m talking about you. But ever since a minor falling out with them over seller fees and letters about court appearances I became somewhat disillusioned by the site. It all seemed more hassle than it was worth – why in hell’s name should I pay a monthly fee when I was already paying a fee on each item sold, um no thank you! So that was my split with eBay some two years ago. Since then I hadn’t missed the site or had any real desire to sign back up to it.

And then three weeks ago the mistake was made. I voiced a need for some felt and someone suggested I try eBay and before I knew it the app was downloaded and I was hooked like a teething baby on rusk biscuits. Oops. Now I have to admit its not been all bad, I’ve sold a lot of clothes on there, clothes that are too big for me I might add! *double fist pump for me*. However since that moment of weakness and the incident of (what I like to term) ‘eBay download’ I’ve become addicted and have spent a small fortune! And even though I’m selling stuff on there, (anyone for a beautiful prom dress, only worn once?), my outgoings are massively exceeding my incomings, yet I just can’t seem to stop myself as there are so many perfect things on there that I just HAVE to have! So as a way of stopping myself for bidding or worse, clicking ‘buy now’, I thought I’d share my recent purchases, so I can properly take stock of everything. Who knows that might stop me from buying anything else, yeah and pigs might fly…..

First up there’s this brilliantly festive ribbon, I mean who doesn’t need this ribbon in their lives? It’ll be simply perfect with my brown paper this year.

Next up we have the felt that started it all, bad felt. However it was so cheap, how could I resist when it makes such cute gift tags? Again perfectly matching the new ribbon and brown paper combo.

The next two items I class as necessities. With my brand new iPhone 5 (have I mentioned this yet? I love it!!) I was in dire need of a new phone case and charger adapter for work. So these had to be purchased right?

Now we have more ribbon, I know I’m becoming obsessed BUT here’s the thing this ribbon is super cute and is from East of India, one of my all time favourite haberdashery shops. (Although to be fair I’d be hard pushed to name a second haberdashery shop…)

My most recent purchases were two sets of gift tags: one and two. Now I’ll admit with these two I got a bit trigger happy and accidentally clicked the dreadful ‘Buy Now’ button on one of these by mistake. But not to worry they are the last things I’ll need for this years festive wrapping. So all good in the end!

So there we have it. My latest eBay purchases, it’s not all bad is it? And you can see why I had no choice but to buy, yes?!

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  1. I think you're actually addicted. On the plus side, the ribbon is gorgeous!


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