What’s making me smile right now…

I’ve been thinking recently about taking things for granted and I want this to stop. It’s not purposeful, honest, but sometimes I’m so busy that I don’t take the time to stop and think about the brilliant things and people in my life that cheer me instantly on a ‘this is the worst day of my life ever’ day. So to rectify that I’m going to start posting about these things on a more regular basis, starting with today’s list!

1 – Turkey and cranberry sandwiches from Eat. Oh my, I discovered these this week when a brand new Eat opened on the corner opposite work and I’ve had three already! They are so delicious and biting in to one is like chomping on a mouthful of Christmas – you are instantly happy! Never mind the 60 unread emails or urgent presentation that you don’t know how to write, this sandwich makes everything in the world right again!

2 – My sisterlings. I love my sisterlings and it’s a fundamental fact of life that no one has better ones than I do. They are the best at cheering me up, treating me and making me laugh and this week was no exception! My elder sisterling was super-kind and saved me when I was back late from work related karaoke, that was forced on us all that day. She knew I was on my way home and was frozen and super knackered so she got out of her cosy bed (which is often a struggle for her!) at midnight to turn on all the lights and warm my beddy bear, what a star.

3 – We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift. This song is my current favourite tune in the whole wide world. It instantly has me dancing around the room and singing like a crazy person when it appears on the radio.

4 – Christmas printables. Searching for new printables for my Christmas wrapping is my current guilty pleasure and these are my favourites at the moment….

5 – Freezing cold fresh winter mornings. Yes, I know this makes me weird but meh. I can’t help but love the crisp bite in the air, wrapping up in woolly items, not being able to feel my toes and seeing my breath in the air. One of the best ways to start the day I think!

What about you, what are the little (or big) things that save you on your ‘worst day ever in existence’ or ‘I just want to crawl into a hole and die’ days?

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