This week Christmas got REAL!

Last week was jam-packed and I was very grateful for a quieter weekend to recover. But all the busy stuff was worth it as last week it felt like Christmas really kicked in, hooray! So what was I up to last week? Well check out this weeks photo montage!

First up I headed to m&m’s world in Leicester Square to stock up on peanut m&m’s before watching the latest Twilight film. FYI the m&m’s were Christmas coloured and yummy; the film was horrendous. p.s. who doesn’t love a dancing m&m?!
We got the night lights out! I love the smell of night lights and I find the light reflecting on the walls from the flames so relaxing.

I attempted to make rocky road. They were yummy just not quite chocolatey enough.

I’ve finished Izzy’s advent calendar, including handmade tags for the four presents – what do you think?

A Belgo waffle with ice cream and chocolate sauce, um delicious! Pudding during a lovely long dinner catch-up with a great friend from Uni.

Listening to Christmas carols while doing Christmas shopping at Peter Jones – great idea!
Christmas decorations on the Kings Road

First day back at work means a lot of Disney Pixar desk calendar days that need removing.
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