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Now I love an advent calendar, for as long as I can remember I’ve used one to count down to the most magical of all days. I was lucky when growing up that my Mum was just as obsessed with Christmas as I was as she went all out when it came to advent calendars. Not only did she buy us the obligatory Cadbury’s Chocolate calendar which I still to this day love, she also filled a fabric masterpiece for my sisters and I to enjoy! Each day we would gather together and take it in turns to pull out the gift tag bearing one of our names, and if we were lucky enough to be chosen we got to delve into our very own mini stocking for a present. These presents weren’t expensive or anything crazy, often there would be a pair of earrings, some chocolate, a pen and the like, but it was always a special part of our Christmas tradition. Even when Lau and I went away to University we still got our own mini stocking and would await Becca’s text at 8am to see if it was our turn to open a present. Strangely enough we have never been tempted to sneak a peek to see when it would next be our turn or open a present early. I think that’s probably because we feel it would ruin the fun, as it’s all about the anticipation really isn’t it!

This year I’ve already been given my bag of presents and my Cadbury’s chocolate calendar and I can’t wait until December 1st when I can get stuck in to it! This year we’ve got a different fabric creation that Mum has made, yes MADE from scratch. Isn’t it amazing? I love the different pockets and the little Christmas buttons all over it – super cute!

This year I’ve decide to continue the fabric advent calendar tradition by creating one for my four year old god-daughter. I haven’t done it before as I thought she was a bit too young and I’ve never thought about it early enough, but this year I was determined to do it! I’m sure I’ll share the final calendar before I post it off to Manchester but in the meantime here are a few of my favourite advent calendars which I’ve spotted during the preparation of my own!

I love this really simple red and white one from H&M which is only £12.99, bargainacious or what! I am a bit of a sucker for anything red and white at Christmas time as it automatically feels so festive. I also love the different fonts used for the numbering on this advent calendar, I think if the font was all the same it would look a bit boring!

The next advent calendar I was very tempted by was this one from the Biscuiteers, isn’t it fabulous? I love the Biscuiteers biscuits as not only are they delicious they are also incredibly beautiful. I’m always amazed at how perfect each biscuit is, how do they manage to do that? However, at £65 for the cloth and biscuits this one is a little out of my price range!

I really like this wooden reindeer one with little drawers, isn’t it cute? Again red and white, my favourite Christmas colour combination! However, this one would only work if I was just giving her chocolate as the presents and gift tags I’m planning won’t fit in the drawers. But it’s still lovely, and it would be cool to hang cute decorations on the antlers.


This hessian bag garland one is brilliant, I love the idea of stringing this along a mantelpiece  it would look so lovely. I especially love the little shaped pegs, the Santa Claus is so cute! Unfortunately the hessian sacks are a bit too big, I think my little gift tags will look a little lost if I go for this one!

The final advent calendar I looked at was this Christmas tree one from M&S. The Christmas tree shape is a bit more interesting than the other two fabric ones I looked at, I mean can you ever beat a Christmas tree? I also like the fact that it’s fairly cheap and made of felt.

So that’s a round up of the best advent calendars I’ve found so far, now I just need to get organised on my one! I still need to buy the presents, organise the tags and wrap everything up, no pressure then! What about you what are you planning on doing for your Christmas countdown?

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