Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet….

Well I’ve been quiet over the last few days, sorry about that! I have a fairly good excuse, I was in Portugal for a long weekend and it was fabulous! It was so nice to properly relax and not have to be anywhere or do anything but eat, read and chat! I’m lucky enough to get to go to Portugal fairly regularly, I’ve been twice this year, so it allows me to really relax when I’m there as I know where everything is, how things are done and I don’t have to worry about working it all out from scratch like you do when you head to somewhere brand new.

We stayed in this lovely apartment which is a 15 minutes amble from this gorgeous beach and near lots of nice restaurants and lots of golf courses and a tennis club. I went with three other friends and we were in the mood for yummy food, board games, walks, lots of reading, cheesy pop (and Christmas) songs and paddles in the sea, which is exactly what we did and it was pure bliss! Although the 4am start last Thursday to fly there and the midnight arrival home weren’t ideal, but they sure beat being at work by a country mile! Rather than regaling you with a blow by blow account of the entire trip I’ve just shared a few of the best/most interesting moments below as well as some pictures. I hope I haven’t made you too jealous!

Weather – we had three days of torrential rain, thunder storms and grey clouds, which you wouldn’t think would be that great. However it gave us the excuse to sit and really relax, plus we got a great view of the sheet and fork lightning out of the French doors. Thankfully the weather perked up and the last two days were glorious, so at least I got time to properly soak up the rays and my freckles have appeared!

Board games – we played a lot of games, I mean a LOT of games! We had tournaments in everything from the Penguin Book Chase game, UNO, Trivial Pursuit (the 20 years one not the super hard Genus one), normal cards, Pictureka and Inspeakquence. I can highly recommend this as a holiday activity – great fun!

Scrummy food – we were fairly sensible and ate out just as much as we ate in, but at least when we ate out we went to lovely places, including two places overlooking the sea. I also fed my obsession with chocolate sandwich biscuits, Oreos covered in chocolate and Sumol, yummy!

Books – just before I went away I finished a fantastic book, Gone Girl, which I’ll write about another day, so it meant I had the joy of starting a brand new book while away, hooray! I love starting new books – the anticipation of a whole new world to be discovered is so so exciting! The new book I read whilst away was Jojo Moyes’ The Girl You Left Behind, which was absolutely fantastic. Not only was it beautifully written with great characters that you could empathise with but it was also simply fascinating as it was about an occupied French town during WWI as well as the difficulties of  recovering art stolen during that period. Unfortunately I wasn’t quite as enamoured by The Great Gatsby, I was certainly expecting a lot more from it. However, I found it fairly boring and maybe a bit too up itself, to be honest I was very thankful it was only 150 pages long. As for my current read -The Secret Keeper I’ll let you know….

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