Wintery covetables

With winter slowly slowly closing in I’ve realised that I’m completely unprepared for the cooler weather, so my response to this? To hunt for the  perfect winter wardrobe of course – you know me, any excuse!!

My first coveted item is an item that’s more practical than stylish, and that’s these gloves from Muji. These would be absolutely perfect for when I’m running in this cold wintery weather and want to check the time/my progress/flick to the next track. As with my current gloves it’s impossible and I’m always fumbling with my phone, or losing a glove or just generally making a faff of everything. So it would be nice to have these for ease really – plus I quite like the fair-isle pattern.

I’m a bit of a fan of jumpers, so when I saw this one I fell in love! I love that this would be perfect for any occasion – for a day at work, out with friends or even just snuggling up on the sofa, plus the navy colour means it’ll go with anything and everything. The bows at the back are a really nice detail too, they make the jumper a bit more interesting. And what makes this jumper perfect – it’s only £20, bargainacious!!

Recently I’ve noticed how lovely the clothes are in Joules, I’ve never really been a fan in the past but recently I’ve become a bit of a fan of their stuff. sadly I think it’s all a bit too expensive for me, but that doesn’t mean I can’t ogle all the clothes right? So as well as loving jumpers, I also have a think about cardigans, and this grey wool cardigan just needs to join my collection! I love the bunny motif on the bottom of the cardi and the random pink button, both these elements just add a little something to it without it becoming an item that doesn’t go with everything in my wardrobe! But for just shy of £50 I think I’ll just have to dream about it for a while longer!

My final coveted item (for now at least) are these gorgeous fluffy slippers, aren’t they just wonderful? I just love the colour, knitted pattern, fluffy inside and buttons on the side, they’re so lovely I could just squeal!! They are from Accessorise, which is where I got my last pair of slippers from and which three years later are still in one piece and keeping my tootsies warm. Sadly, that means I don’t have a need for buying these lovely creations, but that doesn’t stop me from lusting after them!!

So there’s my list of coveted wintery items, now I just need to win the lottery so I can buy everything. A girl can dream hey?

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